Class Registration

Unlike your undergraduate experience, Mary Knapp will register you for your MSA courses.  The schedule will be created based on how many semesters you will be attending, as well as the track of choice.  Thirty hours of graduate work are required to graduate from the MSA Program.  Fall registration will occur between May-June 2019, at which time we will schedule a phone appointment between you and Mary Knapp to discuss your schedule, which track you will be pursuing (Audit/Assurance, Tax, or Financial Transaction Services) and if you will be doing a 2 or 3-semester program.

2019-20 MSA Curriculum will be posted soon

Summer Prerequisites

Summer Parking:  Information on how to obtain a 2019 can be found HERE.  If you are on a budget, we recommend you obtain an “off campus” parking for a reduced price.  The off campus parking site is within walking distance to Farrell Hall.

If you are coming to Wake Forest for summer prerequisites, our summer dates are as follows:

ACC 510 – Principles of Financial Accounting: May 2019

Summer Session I:  late May – early July 2019

Summer Session I Orientation: date TBD.   You can now view the Summer Session I – Agenda.

Courses offered:  Intermediate Accounting I (ACC 520) and Principles of Finance (FIN 510)

Summer Session II:   early July – mid Aug 2019

Summer Session II Orientation: date TBD.  Summer Session II – Agenda – COMING SOON

Courses offered:  Intermediate Accounting II (ACC 530) and Introduction to Tax (ACC 540)

You do not need to register for these courses.  You will receive an email with more information after we create your summer schedule.

MSA SUMMER 2019 Schedule (coming soon)

2-Semester Option

If you choose the 2-semester option, you will take 15 credits in the Fall and 15 credits in the Spring.

You will take a combination of core and track related courses, as well as some electives in both semesters.  All 2-semester students are required to take the following “core” courses Fall 2015: ACC 690, ACC 711, ACC 712 and ACC 731.

NOTE: If you choose Financial Transaction Services (FTS) as your track of choice and you have not taken Intermediate Finance (FIN 632), it is required that you take this class at Wake Forest University prior to the start of classes to waive the prerequisite for FIN 5110.  FIN 632 will be held late July to mid Aug 2019.  This is a three-credit course which will count towards your graduate credits. If you do not attend all dates of this class, you cannot choose FTS as your track.  You will receive more details after Fall registration is complete.

3-Semester Option

If you choose the 3-semester option, you plan on interviewing for a winter internship in the Spring.

The following is information you need to know regarding your specific track of choice:


If you are a non-accounting student, you will take 12 core credits Fall 2015 (ACC 651, ACC 652, ACC 690, ACC 712, ACC 731).  Students that are undergraduate accounting majors and have already taken Accounting Information Systems and/or Audit will have between 9-10.5 which may include ACC 750 or a MSA elective.  You will have more room to take electives during your last semester.


If you are a non-accounting student, you will take 12 core credits (same as Audit).  The majority of your tax track courses will be in the Spring or Fall.  If you are an undergraduate accounting major, you may take a tax track course this semester (ACC 730 or ACC 732), and your credit load will be between 9-10.5.


If you are a non-accounting student and have not taken Intermediate Finance (or are undergraduate finance major), you will tentatively take ACC 651, ACC 652, ACC 690, ACC 712, FIN 632 and ACC 780 for a total of 13.5 credits.  If you have taken Intermediate Finance and do not need FIN 632, then you will take ACC 731 instead.  If you are an undergraduate accounting major, you will take approximately 12-13.5 credits.