Graduate Accounting Curriculum

The Masters in Accounting (MSA) program at Wake Forest University is a two semester program that requires 30 hours of graduate coursework with an optional third semester for students who would like to participate in a paid nine-week internship. The curriculum consists of 15 hours of required core coursework as well as track-specific and other elective courses (specific course options below).

Students who have not completed the foundational courses are required to complete them on the Wake Forest campus during the summer.


Choose from Three Career Tracks


  • Assurance Services – For careers in the assurance/audit practice area. Courses include Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services; Forensic Accounting; and Negotiations.
  • Financial Transaction Services – Unique to Wake Forest
    For careers in the financial transaction and advisory services areas. Courses include Financial Markets, Products and Transactions; Advanced Financial Management; and Business Analysis and Valuation.
  • Tax Consulting – For careers in the tax services practice area. Courses include Tax Research Methods; Tax Policy and Planning; and Mergers and Acquisitions.


* For official curricular details, complete course descriptions, and any potential electives, please refer to the current edition of the School of Business Graduate Student Handbook found on our Academic Services page.


CPA Exam Preparation


We know that a critical objective in earning your Masters in Accounting is passing the CPA exam! 

The Wake Forest MSA program takes the CPA review seriously and has partnered with nationally recognized Becker CPA Exam Review to help you prepare. Our faculty facilitate the review sessions, which occur in May and June, after the second semester of the program.  As a result, Wake Forest has earned the #1 pass rate in the nation 13 times since establishing the MSA program in 1997, according to the Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Performance – more than any other program in the nation over the past twenty years.


Paid Internship Option


A major benefit of the Wake Forest Masters in Accounting program is the professional internship — a nine-week paid position that provides real-world experience for those students in our three-semester program. Internships are offered in the spring semester, during the busy tax season, and are great for those who enter the MSA program without previous internship experience, or those who want to gain additional experience with a company prior to accepting a full-time offer. The MSA program has consistently placed 100% of students in rewarding internships, with most receiving multiple offers.  Almost all of our students participating in this option receive full-time job offers from their internship experiences, as well as three hours of course credit.


Foundational Classes – offered Summer Semester


If you feel you may benefit from a refresher course or have not taken one or more of the foundational classes during your undergraduate studies, we offer classes on the Wake Forest campus during the summer months.  The certification committee requires successful completion of all foundational courses to remain in good academic standing for the length of the program.


Foundational Courses Include:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Dates
ACC 510 Principles of Financial Accounting 3.0 early to late May
FIN 510 Principles of Finance 3.0 late May to June
FIN 632 Intermediate Financial Management* 3.0 late July to August
ACC 520 Intermediate Accounting I 4.0 late May to June
ACC 530 Intermediate Accounting II 4.0 early July to August
ACC 540 Introductory Tax 3.0 early July to August


* For two-semester students who plan to pursue the Financial Transaction Services track.

Foundational courses are a requirement of the MSA degree but do not count towards the 30 hour minimum of required coursework, with the exception of FIN 632.