Integrative Student Services

A seamless student experience that maximizes opportunities for growth


S2015 MA Orientation: Forsyth Backpack Programtudents in the Wake Forest University School of Business are immersed in a community that nurtures and develops them towards high levels of conceptual knowledge, practical competence, and strength of character.  Beginning with admission, on through the degree program experience, and extending into professional life beyond graduation, a seamless array of resources and experiences are intentionally aligned to enable students to identify and pursue their passions with a focus on cultivating the whole person.

This student experience is bolstered by world-class facilities that are designed to enable meaningful collaboration between students, faculty, and staff in intimate and innovative environments.  Students encounter staff members who are co-located according to degree program in open-style working environments that provide a one-stop experience. These student services professionals are guided by a wealth of experience and knowledge of best practices in undergraduate and graduate student services.

By accessing the information made available here, we invite you to learn more about the resources and services available to students in the Wake Forest University School of Business.