Inclusive Excellence@WFUSB

As the intentional incorporation of the cultures, worldviews, histories, traditions, and talents of all people across all places, Inclusive Excellence defines diversity broadly and includes race and ethnicity, (dis)ability, gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality, age, religion, and social class. Our collective diversity is a powerful community strength that must be consistently and actively practiced to achieve the highest teaching, learning, and scholarly outcomes.

Inclusive Excellence at WFUSB means ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. It encompasses our efforts to recruit diverse talent, create an inclusive culture, support faculty research on global challenges, and engage with the community to promote socio-economic well-being. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance the educational experience and prepare our students to lead with integrity and inclusive leadership in the global market.

Inclusive Excellence Vision@WFUSB

We aspire to nurture the next generation of leaders who are not only astute in business acumen, but also champions of societal impact, ethical responsibility, and global citizenship. We envision our graduates as catalysts for positive change, driving innovation, and fostering a more equitable and inclusive business landscape. In alignment with the School of Business mission to develop passionate ethical business leaders who achieve results with integrity via thought leadership, rigorous academic preparation, and unrivaled connection to the market, the School’s leadership team is committed to pursuing an organizational environment of Inclusive Excellence where:

Diversity Pyramid