Developing Your Career – from orientation to graduation and beyond

Explore Your Options

The Center for Market Readiness and Employment (MR&E) is focused on supporting your career and professional development. This comprehensive, hands-on process begins at orientation and continues beyond the launch of your post-degree career. Read more below and from the drop down links above to learn how the Center can help you.

Explore Your Options

Beyond the personal satisfaction of attaining a degree, this moment in your career and professional development offers a unique opportunity to align your passions with your work. The MR&E Center offers a range of resources to support your career exploration.  Whether you are seeking your first job, making a career transition, pursuing advancement in your current field, or launching a new business, the Center will expose you to tools that can support your decision making. Take advantage of robust online career research tools, career self-assessment tools, company profiles, industry events, and alumni networking to determine the next steps in your career. Learn More.

Prepare for the Market

Prepare for the MarketOnce you identify your career focus, the Center will work with you to support your market readiness. The ability to tell your story and promote what you can offer to an organization is critical to career advancement. Since your story will initially be told through your resume, our staff will help you to develop and customize a winning resume to effectively communicate your experience. You’ll also need an engaging “elevator pitch” – a brief verbal commercial to effectively introduce yourself to new contacts. Interviewing is a critical element to the job search process and through a series of workshops, clinics and practice interviews, the team will help you hone your professional presentation skills. And finally, your story plays out in your e-communications and cover letters that support your job search and networking outreach. Our goal is to ensure you are superbly prepared for the market on all these fronts, in order to open all doors for your career objectives. Learn More.

Career Development & Coaching

Career Development & CoachingThe MR&E Center has a team of highly qualified career coaches to meet with you and support your career development. Specialized by degree program, the coaches support your self-assessment and career exploration offering insights for your career decisions and job search strategy, then work with you on developing and executing a plan. Coaches are available throughout the year for individual meetings and also offer a range of workshops and small group sessions to support your ongoing market readiness. Learn More.


RecruitmentIn addition to the support of a career coach, the Center houses University Employer Relations, the team that recruits employers to our campus for information sessions and onsite interviews. With a cross-program focus, the Employer Relations team develops recruiting relationships that will offer opportunities for all School of Business graduates. Prominent employers from across the country come to recruit at Wake Forest presenting a range of employment opportunities for our students via the online career management systems, Handshake.

Connect Your Career

A degree from Wake Forest University School of Business affords you access to a vast, diverse network of alumni across all industries and job functions. The MR&E Center will help you tap into this network and leverage alumni as resources for your career decision making and outreach. Whether through active social networks specialized by industry, on campus panel discussions, or through regional events in major cities, there is a range of options to access the Wake network. Learn More.

Manage Your Future

Manage Your FutureWhile the first job following your degree is important, the Center wants to ensure that you continue to have a lifetime of career success. Our career coaches can help you effectively on-board to your first job after school and then guide you regarding best practices well beyond. In addition, the School of Business offers lifetime career services for alumni, so when you are ready to transition to a new role or switch careers, you can contact the Center for assistance. Learn More.