Graduate Honor Council

The Honor Code at the Wake Forest Graduate School of Business represents a compact of mutual confidence and a spirit of trust between each student and the members of the faculty and staff. While acknowledging our individual backgrounds and experiences, we collectively expect all students in graduate business courses and programs to exercise honesty and ethical behavior in their academic pursuits. Every student is honor bound to uphold the foundational principles of the honor code that they shall not lie, cheat, or steal, and should actively reinforce these expectations in interactions with one another. Students, faculty and staff have an obligation to report any such academic misconduct.

The purpose of the Graduate Business Programs Honor Council is to preserve and promote ethical academic decision-making throughout the school by receiving and investigating reports of alleged honor code violations, conducting hearings, and identifying consequences when necessary for any student found to be responsible for violations. The Council is composed of graduate students from across graduate business degree programs and School of Business faculty members elected by their faculty peers. Procedures for council composition, as well as the investigation, review, evaluation, and communication of potential honor violations, are conducted in keeping with the processes set forth in the WFU School of Business Graduate Student Handbook.

For questions about the Graduate Honor Council, please contact Graduate Honor Council Faculty Advisor, Dr. Tim Janke at