Undergraduate Program in Mathematical Business

Students working together

The Mathematical Business (MBU) major at the Wake Forest University School of Business is offered jointly with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  This unique major prepares students for careers in business and government that require sophisticated, model-based, advanced quantitative approaches to problem solving.

The major is extremely useful in today’s complex global environment, where problems in business administration and public policy require intricate mathematical analyses.

Degree Requirements

This interdisciplinary major draws from the strengths of various fields of study, allowing students to gain a wider range of expertise and experience from these two academic areas. The program consists of approximately one-half business and one-half mathematics courses through which the students acquire both theoretical mathematics and its applications in business problem solving. In addition, there is a required seminar, jointly taught by business and mathematics professors. The seminar offers a forum where students can explore, through studies of actual cases from the business world, how mathematical, statistical and computer techniques can be brought to bear on many business problems.


PLEASE NOTE: All students who have been accepted into the undergraduate business program are subject to the major requirements listed in the Bulletin year of their acceptance into the School.

Official bulletins are available online.