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During the 10-month Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA) program, you will not only learn the methodologies of analytics and how to apply them, your coursework will encompass business metrics and the application of analytics in finance, marketing, operations and human resources. Throughout the program, you will be trained on how to work more effectively in teams and how to communicate the results of your analysis with impact and clarity to a variety of stakeholders. You will be immersed in this coursework through five modules over three semesters from July to May.

Curriculum Overview

The Wake Forest MSBA is a 37 credit hour degree (three semesters, five modules). Students enroll in the summer semester beginning in July and graduate in May.

“We assembled a group of highly accomplished analytics professionals to advise us as we sought to build a program connected to the marketplace. The result is a program that not only provides the necessary technical skills, but also focuses on business acumen and experiential learning through access to our unique corporate partnerships. With innovative courses like Analytics in the Boardroom and Analytics in Society, our MSBA program also leverages the strength of Wake Forest as a liberal arts university focused on educating the whole person.”

Jeffrey Camm
Associate Dean of Business Analytics and Inmar Presidential Chair of Business Analytics


The MSBA program begins with a five-week session preparing you with the technical skills needed for success in the program and preparing you to explore career interests and options. All MSBA students must exhibit mastery of prerequisite courses offered in the summer module, which include:

Summer Module
Probability & Statistical Modeling
Intro to SAS
Intro to Programming with R
Career Management


The fall semester begins in late August with two modules that focus on the important relationships between data, business analytics, and organizational performance.

Mini 1 Mini 2
Analytics in Society Analytics in the Board Room
Data Management
Predictive Analytics & Data Mining
Business Metrics Data Visualization
Data Analysis & Business Modeling Business Analytics Practicum I:
Mess to Model


The spring semester begins in early January with two final modules designed to enrich your ability to develop mathematical models for forecasting, optimization, and yielding actionable intelligence, which can be applied to data-driven approaches across a range of industries and functions. Additionally, the three-course practicum provides a team-based experience using analytics within a real-world project for a corporate partner.

Mini 3 Mini 4
Process Analytics Forecasting
Prescriptive Analytics HR Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics Financial and Risk Analytics
Marketing Analytics Digital Marketing Analytics
Business Analytics Practicum II:
Model to Insight
Business Analytics Practicum III:
Insight to Impact

Note: Program and curriculum are subject to minor changes.

* For official curricular details, complete course descriptions, and any potential electives, please refer to the current edition of the School of Business Graduate Student Handbook found on our Academic Services page. 


STEM and OPT Certified
The Wake Forest MSBA program is STEM and OPT certified, providing enhanced employment opportunities for international students. For more details, Click Here.