Your Ten-Month Path to Success


Coursework in the Masters in Management program includes business concepts related to finance, marketing, operations, business analytics, accounting, economics, organization behavior, ethics, career management and information technology. You will be immersed in these courses through three semesters over 10 months.

Masters in Management program


The program begins in early July with a six-week session preparing you for graduate level courses in business and helping you explore your career interests. By fall, your coursework begins to develop your baseline competencies and lay foundations for the Action Learning Projects that will extend throughout the program. Additional courses in economics, marketing and financial management emphasize the core managerial proficiencies required by all business professionals.

In the spring semester, you will have multiple opportunities to apply individual and managerial skills by addressing issues faced by managers across functions. A final capstone course enhances your skills and knowledge built throughout the program by applying them to the real-world challenges of competing successfully in a global environment.


* For official curricular details, complete course descriptions, and any potential electives, please refer to the current edition of the School of Business Graduate Student Handbook found on our Academic Services page.




Action Learning Projects

In the business world, there’s no substitute for direct experience.

Action Learning Projects (ALP) are an integral part of the Masters in Management program experience. Designed to provide you with a world-class experiential learning opportunity, these projects give organizations the benefits of fresh ideas and solutions in business. Throughout the experience you will:

  • Apply and reinforce course concepts
  • Create actual business solutions
  • Strengthen your skills, confidence and experience

How does it work? 

Your designated project team will work with a business sponsor-client through the spring semester. The ALP experience is an extension of the classroom while giving you the opportunity to work with a ‘live’ project and client. As a result, you will further develop important professional skills while creating value for the sponsor-client.

What people are saying

The thing that sets the ALP apart from every other academic experience is not the chance you’ll get to apply learned technical skills – though it has that in spades – but the immersion in a real world setting where your soft skills will be exposed, developed, and hopefully refined in a safe environment. This is the experience that will set you apart from your peers on your first day in a new job, when these skills are not expected of you, but you are proficient.
– RJ Crimmons, Masters in Management ’15

I have no doubt that the experience I gained from the ALP project will prove to be beneficial as I embark on a career in consulting. The tangible, fast-paced, practical knowledge acquired through the ALP project prepared me for business challenges I will face daily.
– Jessica Arndt, Masters in Management ’15

“Working with the ALP team was a fantastic experience. Their level of professionalism and quality of work was impressive. At no point in the process did I feel I was working with students. Rather, it felt like these were my peers at work. The team was very receptive to feedback and asked a lot of questions. They really submerged themselves into the business problem and our brand.”
– Tomas Aria, Associate Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson