Meet our Masters in Management Ambassadors


Wake Forest Masters in Management program Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, life at Wake Forest, living in Winston-Salem, or any other questions you may have.


Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher

Hometown: Westlake, TX
UG School: Southern Methodist University
Major/Minor: Art History

Why the Wake MSM? While researching graduate programs I debated between a Masters in Management or a Masters in Art History. Ultimately, Wake Forest’s MSM degree would enable me to apply my knowledge to a variety of sectors while giving me a different perspective of the business world. I was drawn to Wake Forest for its academic reputation, the beautiful campus, and outgoing faculty and staff. I knew Wake Forest was the next step I needed to alter the trajectory of my career.

Why an Ambassador? My passion for Wake Forest makes me excited to be a part of the Ambassador program. Selecting a graduate school and the right program can be overwhelming. I am looking forward to helping prospective students make the best decision. Being able to share my knowledge about the MSM degree, Farrell Hall, and Wake Forest’s campus is going to be a rewarding experience. Go Deacs!

Eliza GearyEliza Geary

Hometown: Greenville, SC
UG School:Clemson University
Major/Minor: Psychology, Spanish

Why the Wake MSM? A friend recommended the program to me, and it seemed like the perfect fit for my situation. During college, I thought I would eventually go to grad school for counseling or speech pathology. However, after working in Charlotte for a year, I realized that business would be the best fit for me. I know this degree will be valuable no matter what I do, and I really think it will open many doors. After I visited and experienced the friendly campus atmosphere, I knew it was right for me!

Why an Ambassador? I’m excited to welcome others to Wake’s campus just as I was welcomed! I’m excited to help prospective students navigate the decision making process and determine if this is the right fit for them.

Tory GunstenTory Gunsten

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Art History, History and Entrepreneurship

Why the Wake MSM? I chose to come back to Wake Forest for grad school because it is an entirely different experience from undergrad. I, like many others, wanted a change, and even though I am back at the same school, this program offers more diversity in the classroom and more career guidance than I had in undergrad. I love the size of the classes and the impressive post-graduation employment rate.

Why an Ambassador? I want to share my positive experience with fellow Double Deacs, and help them understand the differences between graduate school and undergraduate school at Wake. I would love to swap stories from undergrad, compare them to grad school, and tell them that it only gets better!

Mylan HendersonMylan Henderson

Hometown: Florissant, MO
UG School: Northwestern University
Major/Minor: Social Policy

Why the Wake MSM? I chose the MSM in large part due to the curriculum as well as the intense, 10-month nature of the program. The opportunity to build business acumen on top of my undergraduate degree experience, especially through the ALP projects, was something that I simply couldn’t pass up. Additionally, the reputation of the MRE team impressed me, evidenced by the stellar post-graduation employment statistics, which aided my decision. The people I met here at Wake on my visit were wonderful and made me feel right at home from the very first time I stepped on campus, and that feeling has remained to this day.

Why an Ambassador? I have loved my experience so far in the Masters in Management program, and I want to extend a piece of the experience I have enjoyed thus far in the program to prospective students still wondering what direction to take in the next step of their educational journey.

Maddie BarberMaddie Barber

Hometown: Lexington, SC
UG School: Wofford College
Major/Minor: Psychology and French

Why the Wake MSM? I chose to attend Wake Forest not only for its reputation but also for the unique opportunities offered through the MSM program. I was attracted to the program because of the individual career coaching and the small class sizes. Working as a part of a team, in and out of the classroom, is great preparation for the “real world” and has allowed for deep, meaningful connections with my classmates.

Why an Ambassador? I am excited to serve as a graduate student ambassador, as it was something I greatly enjoyed as an undergrad. I love sharing my personal experiences with prospective students. I believe that a current student is able to give insight that can’t be learned from reading a brochure or talking to administrators, and I hope that I can help others choose the right graduate experience. Go Deacs!

Jasmyn AlexanderJasmyn Alexander

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
UG School: High Point University
Major/Minor: Exercise Science, Spanish

Why the Wake MSM? I chose to attend the MSM program due to Wake’s unique ability to combine Physician Assistant studies with the study of Business. I knew that by engaging in this program, I am going to have a competitive edge in my future career in the healthcare field by being able to leverage both my clinical and business skills to become a well-rounded and management-focused Physician Assistant.

Why an Ambassador? I am excited about being an ambassador because I want to effectively convey to prospective School of Business graduate students the level of education that they will receive from this program and how the opportunities that students are presented with will set them up for huge success in their various future careers, including future PA students.

Xunqi (Jack) Zhu

Xunqi (Jack) Zhu

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
UG School: Furman University
Major/Minor: Political Science, Environmental Science

Why the WFU MSM? I have always enjoyed small-sized classes, which Wake provides in the MSM program. I also enjoy the weather here in North Carolina, as it is warm and pleasant. I admire Wake’s academic reputation and alumni network.

Why an Ambassador? I look forward to meeting new people, learning new things, and making personal connections. I enjoy my study at Wake and hope to share my positive experience to help more talented students make their important decisions.

Brent BreedloveBrent Breedlove

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC
UG School: Methodist University
Major/Minor: Biology, Chemistry

Why the WFU MSM? I turned down three Physician Assistant Programs to join the Emerging Leaders Program because I knew that I wanted to be more than just a healthcare provider. I want to redefine the role a healthcare provider can provide their community, and a strong business background is an important first step in creating a better healthcare experience for both patients and providers. The facilities and opportunities offered through Wake Forest are among the best in the country, so an opportunity like the Emerging Leaders Program is not one you turn down.

Why an Ambassador? Serving as an ambassador during my undergraduate education was one of my favorite things. I enjoy meeting new people and showing them everything we have to offer, especially when the facilities are as nice as Farrell Hall and the Reynolda Campus. I have loved everything about Wake Forest since arriving in July, and I want to be able to help prospective students make their best decision for their graduate education by sharing my experiences.

Opua CalucagOpua Calucag

Hometown:South Pasadena, CA
UG School: University of Iowa
Major/Minor: Health and Human Psysiology

Why the WFU MSM? After making the decision to not pursue a career in health sciences, I easily became interested in getting back in the world of collegiate athletics. With an undergraduate degree in Health and Human Physiology, I thought it would be advantageous of me to pursue a business degree. After much research, I was drawn to the Wake Forest MSM Program because of the University’s reputation and its focus on individual career outcomes.

Why an Ambassador? As a student-athlete at the University of Iowa, I really enjoyed hosting prospective student-athletes and showing them around campus. I’m excited to be able to do the same for prospective MSM students at Wake Forest and have a supporting role in their educational journey.

Kelsey Rudolph

Kelsey Rudolph

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Chinese Language and Culture, Global Trade & Commerce

Why the WFU MSM? I had a great experience at Wake during my undergrad years. When I first started here, I wanted to study Chinese and business, but ultimately decided to focus more on my major and then decided to study business in a graduate program. I did Wake’s Summer Management Program, and I loved the environment, professors and classes. I wanted to learn business more in depth and gain new skills as well as exploring different career opportunities in business.

Why an Ambassador? During my undergrad years, I was a global abroad ambassador and had a similar role. I thoroughly enjoyed serving as an ambassador, meeting new people and showing them Wake Forest, so I’m excited to be in a similar position where I can show other people the opportunities at Wake Forest School of Business. I love Wake, and I’m excited to share my experience with others.

Yan (Shannon) ZhouYan (Shannon) Zhou

Hometown: Hangzhou, China
UG School: Hong Kong Baptist University
Major/Minor: Philosophy and Religion

Why an Ambassador? I love to share my love for the program with as many people as possible. I believe this is a great place to learn, grow, and make friends for life. I would love to share my knowledge about the hiking treks, exciting restaurants and fun events around town, which makes the academic life as fun outside of the classroom.

Grayson CollinsGrayson Collins

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC
UG School: Univ of NC – Charlotte
Major/Minor: English, Technical Writing

Why the WFU MSM? I considered several graduate schools and Wake Forest was one of my top choices because of the quality and rigor of the program; I loved how all the students in the program were from different majors and had graduated recently. I felt like this environment would be somewhere I could fit in being an English major. Overall, I chose Wake Forest because of the support I received from faculty and staff. I talked with several people from the enrollment team and several student ambassadors. None of the other schools I applied to, gave me this kind of support in answering questions and being available to talk me through concerns. Overall, I am glad I chose Wake Forest, and I continue to see how Wake Forest is different.

Why an Ambassador? I am excited because I remember all of the questions I had about the program when I was applying. I talked with several ambassadors and having a student that was currently in the program as a resource to answer questions was extremely helpful. I felt the information I received was honest, accurate, and authentic. I am excited to help students considering this program in the way that I was helped. I truly feel like I made the right decision coming to Wake Forest and I would love to have an impact on helping the students of the class of 2020.

Hannah CreelHannah Creel

Hometown: Roxboro, NC
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Health and Exercise Science, Bioethics

Why the WFU MSM? During my time as an undergraduate at Wake Forest, I completed the Summer Management Program, which exposed me to valuable business skills during an intensive summer session. My time spent in Farrell Hall allowed me to develop a passion for business, which led me to research post graduate opportunities that would allow me to further my education in the field of business. I had multiple friends who were enrolled in the MSM program and spoke highly of their experiences. The outstanding faculty, academic rigor, exceptional reputation, and valuable career coaching made enrolling in the Wake Forest MSM an easy decision.

Why an Ambassador? As a Double Deac, I have a profound love for Wake Forest and the surrounding community. I am excited to share my love for the school and program with incoming students, while supporting them as they search for the next step in their educational career. The transition from undergraduate to graduate is not easy, but I am here to answer any questions students might have and share my personal experience with them. Go Deacs!

Kunsheng DuKunsheng Du

Hometown: Guangzhou, China
UG School: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Major/Minor: Journalism, Finance

Why the WFU MSM? Wake Forest and the School of Business provides valuable resources to students. The course setting is considerate and the career services center helps students in job searching.

Why an Ambassador? Wake Forest enables students to communicate with others in an inclusive and diversified environment. As a student ambassador, I feel excited to share my experience with prospective students interested in Wake Forest and the Masters in Management program.

Jessica McDanielJessica McDaniel

Hometown: Fayetteville, GA
UG School: University of Georgia
Major/Minor: Biology, Psychology

Why the WFU MSM? I chose Wake Forest’s MSM Program in addition to my acceptance to the PA program in order to expand my general business knowledge to better understand and participate in the business of healthcare. I hope to establish a helpful foundation of skills to one day advance my career as a Physician Assistant with a management position.

Why an Ambassador? I am excited to share my experience in the MSM program with potential students and help them think through such a big decision and get excited. For PA students specifically, I hope to make them more open-minded towards the benefits that a sound knowledge of business can have for their future careers.

Yanjie YuYanjie Yu

Hometown: Shanghai, China
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Economics, Psychology

Why the WFU MSM? I had a wonderful experience as an undergraduate student at Wake Forest and I always wanted to go into business. Almost all of my friends are taking a fifth year in the MSA program, so I chose to stay for grad school. Also when I was doing research on Masters in Management programs, the Action Learning Project (ALP) fascinated me.

Why an Ambassador? Being in the US for almost 11 years, I am a great combination of both cultures. I started to help international students with their transition process while I was
still in high school, as I enjoy different culture experiences. Because I am a Double Deac, I am familiar with the history of this wonderful city, so I can introduce newcomers to both the school and Winston-Salem.

Jordan MedleyJordan Medley

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
UG School: NC School of the Arts
Major/Minor: Contemporary Dance

Why the WFU MSM? I decided to come to Wake after they announced a new partnership with UNC School of the Arts. I was super curious about expanding my knowledge in the field of business. I knew throughout my time in undergrad that I wanted to own a dance company one day. Wake Forest, being right around the corner, seemed like the obvious choice. I also have a mentor and a few professors that are alumni or have mutual friends that work at Wake Forest and they’ve always talked to so highly of their Deacon experience.

Why an Ambassador? I’ve really enjoyed my graduate experience here at Wake Forest. The program is all that I expected it to be in terms of content, learning environment, and the student population. I would recommend becoming a Deac to anyone! The culture here is one of support, and rigor. It has definitely given me a great set of tools for my career goals post graduation.

Rachel RappRachel Rapp

Hometown: Keswick, VA
UG School: The College of William and Mary
Major/Minor: Kinesiology, Chemistry

Why the WFU MSM? As a MSM/PA student, I saw the value of and competitive edge that I would gain by combining a business education with medicine. Many medical professionals have personally told me that they wished they had at least some form of a business background.

Why an Ambassador? I am excited to talk with and encourage future PA students to consider adding business into their educational background. Business and medicine pair very well together, even for PA students who are not interested in opening own practice. As a student-athlete, I always loved hosting students because it enabled me to share my excitement about my school/program and be a point-person for future questions.

Ian Li

Ian Li

Hometown: Beijing, China
UG School: Occidental College
Major/Minor: Mathematics, Economics

Why the WFU MSM? Wake has a well known reputation in the realm of business and a vast network of alumni in various industries. The International Leaders program allows me to get a broad sense of how businesses work and to acquire various skills crucial to business operations from the Masters in Management program, before I dive into data analytics applicable in the real world with the MSBA program.

Why an Ambassador? I’m excited to meet prospective students and have a chance to hear about their stories. I hope to make my past experience useful in helping others as a ambassador.

Sydnee PetermanSydnee Peterman

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL
UG School: Florida State University
Major/Minor: Public Relations, Journalism/Leadership Studies

Why the WFU MSM? The MSM program was my selection following my undergraduate education because I knew that I wanted to garner more education before making a serious career move. Near the end of my senior year, I grew gradually more interested in business in relation to public policy and economics. I wanted to follow this interest a bit further, and it led me to Wake Forest.

Why an Ambassador? I wish to share the unique offerings of our program and what I’ve enjoyed thus far since taking part in the program. I also wish to provide the experience that I received that helped me confirm my commitment to Wake.

Shen (Zoey) WangShen (Zoey) Wang

Hometown: Chongqing, China
UG School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Major/Minor: Actuary Science

Why the WFU MSM? I came to Wake Forest with a thoughtful consideration of the university reputation, curriculum, faculty, job-hunting service, weather, academic environment and so on. During my first two months here, I think I made a right choice. The curriculum is really abundant, and faculty all offer me great help. I am currently trying to explore more of Winston-Salem and the Wake Forest campus.

Why an Ambassador? I really want to share my experience in the management program and in general with Wake Forest with the future candidates. I’d like to offer them information, explore new stuff with them, and communicate with them. It will be a wonderful experience for both me and the future candidates.




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