Meet our Masters in Management Ambassadors


Wake Forest MSM program Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out to any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, life at Wake Forest, living in Winston-Salem, or any other questions you may have.


Marie Anderson

Hometown: Des Moines, IA
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Communication/Psychology and Entrepreneurship

Why Wake: I chose to attend Wake for the MSM program because of it’s high ranking, professors and the opportunity to learn experientially through the graduate consulting projects. I thrive in fast paced environments that challenge me, so I knew Wake would enable me to continue to grow.

Hazziez Maalik

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
UG School: Virginia State University
Major/Minor: Political Science

Why Wake: Since I do not have a business background, I wanted to attend a quality institution that would both give me a quality education and provide a great inclusive community experience.

Olivia Granaiola

Hometown: Tampa, FL
UG School: University of Florida
Major/Minor: Telecommunication – News / Spanish

Why Wake: I really came across the program on a whim and it piqued my interest. After further research, I knew I could become a member of a wonderful community while learning business principles my undergraduate education did not afford me. I got into other top programs, but I knew that Wake would provide me the best opportunity to transform my path.

Parker Battle

Hometown: Houston, TX
UG School: UNC School of the Arts
Major/Minor: Design & Production – Lighting Technology

Why Wake: Reputation is key for an individual’s success throughout life. Education can be a defining characteristic to others when they don’t even know you. Wake Forest, and the MSM program in particular, have a solid reputation that I am proud to put my name behind. I knew Wake Forest would offer a rigorous curriculum that would add value to my career.

Ronnie “Hays” Galloway

Hometown: Louisville, KY
UG School: The University of Alabama
Major/Minor: Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Why Wake: I chose Wake Forest because of the exceptional experience offered. The top tier professors, collaborative working environment, and challenging educational experience were some of the major draw factors for me.

Clarissa Millen

Hometown: Rockville Centre, NY
UG School: UNC School of the Arts
Major/Minor: Contemporary Dance

Why Wake: The MSM program offered me a quick degree to change my career path. The 10-month accelerated aspect drew me to this program, as well as Wake Forest’s esteemed reputation. Having a partnership with UNCSA allowed me to be aware of this program, and made my transition go smoothly.

Adrian Ward

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
UG School: The Ohio State University
Major/Minor: Strategic Communications / International Security & Intelligence

Why Wake: I received a generous scholarship that helped my decision and I knew this would be a good opportunity for me.

Dewey Brown

Hometown: Huntington, WV
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Economics, Entrepreneurship

Why Wake: PRO HUMANITATE…I’ve always been an advocate for treating others with a great level of respect and helping communities that are hurting.

Kristin Jaspers

Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, NY
UG School: University of Georgia
Major/Minor: Advertising, Dance

Why Wake: I wanted to work towards building a foundation of business skills while strengthening my knowledge in digital marketing and communications. The MSM program at Wake Forest will help me gain real-world experience viewing situations from a business standpoint and open doors to a variety of future career paths.

Danilo “Danny” Bertrand

Hometown: Miami, FL
UG School: Florida International University
Major/Minor: Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Why Wake: After researching the school and the program, it just felt like this was home. Seeing how everyone wanted to be involved and participate in university events, while also striving to be the best they can be and land great jobs really made me feel like this is a place I can grow as a person, a lifelong learner, and a future worker.

John “Davis” Jack

Hometown: Memphis, TN
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Psychology / Philosophy

Why Wake: It was an amazing opportunity and really the graduate ambassadors helped me learn about how great an opportunity it was.

Kailee Alred (ELP Program)

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
UG School: The University of Tennessee
Major/Minor: Kinesiology, Biological Sciences

Why Wake: I wanted to expand my opportunities on top of PA school so that I have more growth opportunities into management of a clinic or hospital.

Heather McCauley

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: English Literature and French Language

Why Wake: I loved my experience as an undergraduate and wanted to continue as I furthered my education. The relationships you build here, whether it be with a hallmate, classmate, faculty, or staff, everyone has always welcomed me with open arms and have been so generous in helping me reach my success.



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