Meet our Masters in Management Ambassadors


Wake Forest MSM program Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out to any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, life at Wake Forest, living in Winston-Salem, or any other questions you may have.


Katrina AndreassenKatrina Andreassen

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Communication major with a double minor in entrepreneurship and marketing

Why Wake: I chose the MSM program because I did not have a lot of business class experiences in undergrad and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in marketing. I talked to some MSM alums and they couldn’t say enough t positive things about the program! I knew that this was the right choice for me because of how much I enjoyed my undergrad experience at Wake. It truly feels like a home here and we have the best professors, administrators, and alumni who care so much about our success and wellbeing.

Samantha AshbySamantha Ashby

Hometown: Greensboro, NC
UG School: Meredith College
Major/Minor: Dance Education
Why Wake: I am pursuing the MSM at Wake Forest to make a career change. The program is well-structured to help students who are new to the business world, learn not only about business but also how to be effective leaders in organizations. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn as much as possible through the MSM program before joining the corporate world. I chose this program because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in a business setting, but I knew I wanted to work for a corporation.

Ben AxelBen Axel
Hometown: Kendallville, IN
UG School: Wabash College
Major/Minor: Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE) and Spanish
Why Wake: I chose to pursue MSM because I wanted to gain technical and quantitative skills that I didn’t focus on in my liberal arts education. I chose Wake Forest because of it’s reputation as a strong academic institution, the smaller size that allows for easy connection with the professors, and its location in the Southeast.

Reeva CordiceReeva Cordice

Hometown: New York, NY
UG School: Clark Atlanta University
Major/Minor: Psychology

Why Wake: I pursued the program at Wake Forest because even though it took me a while to make my decision, I knew that it was a chance for me to be taken out of my comfort zone and grow beyond what I was accustomed to. I also knew that it would challenge and push me beyond certain limits I may set for myself. The opportunity gave me an experience that many get in 3 years – in ten months. It gives me the chance to attest to what I am capable of and I knew it would give me skills and the foundational level understanding of knowledge in areas/on topics that are present in any and almost every environment whether work/higher education beyond my current experience.

Liam FrancoLiam Franco

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
UG School: University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)
Major/Minor: BM – Saxophone Performance / Arts Entrepreneurship Minor

Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSM program because it advertised business experience and education to those with non-business backgrounds. The fact that other students entering this program would also have no substantial business experience was very appealing.

Brenden Godino

Hometown: Revere, MA
UG School: Boston University
Major/Minor: Public Relations Minor: Entrepreneurship
Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSM program at Wake Forest because I felt that it was the perfect opportunity for me to obtain a business education without having prior business experience. I was also very appreciative of the admissions department for their help throughout the process. I would love to give back and help prospective students that were once in my shoes.

Spencer HarperSpencer Harper

Hometown: Dallas, TX
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: History, Spanish w/ concentration in Spanish for Business

Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSM at Wake Forest because I was given a unique opportunity to complete 2 degrees in 4 years (undergraduate and master’s) and I felt like the MSM was the best choice for me as it served to provide me with business and finance knowledge. I was also very attracted to the MSM because I knew that I would be in a cohort of students who came from similar academic backgrounds as me. The knowledge that the professors would be teaching courses designed for students who did not come from a business background made the decision to apply to and attend MSM an easy one.

Jennifer Hernandez-GonzalezJennifer Hernandez-Gonzalez

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Psychology / German & Anthropology

Why Wake: I chose the MSM program because I attended Deac for el Dia and saw how WFU School of Business makes an effort to make their hispanic/latin students feel connected and valued. I was also convinced by the length of the program which would allow me to obtain a well-rounded, graduate education from Wake Forest in 10 months.

Max LefebvreMax Lefebvre

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
UG School: Wofford College
Major/Minor: History, German studies
Why Wake: I really enjoyed the variety both in terms of what courses are being offered and the emphasis on working with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Isaiah LittleIsaiah Little

Hometown: Tampa, FL
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Sociology with a Concentration in Business and Society

Why Wake: I am interested in utilizing the skills acquired through my leadership experience to support institutional visions through public policy, media relations, and law capacities, assisting organizations in shaping their profiles and recognizing ethical demands and realities. I believe my social science undergraduate background can complement the Master of Science in Management education in accomplishing this goal and allow me to excel in today’s marketplace, especially as it relates to management consulting.

Connor MathisConnor Mathis

Hometown: Westwood, NJ
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Economics

Why Wake: I chose the MSM program because of the diverse selection of classes and opportunities we would be given in a 10 month period.

Catherine McClay HeadshotCatherine McClay

Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, NY
UG School: Fordham University
Major/Minor: Biological Sciences

Why Wake: My decision to come to Wake was one that was made somewhat quickly, but certainly one I do not regret. In my final month of undergraduate, I was applying to jobs in life science consulting with no luck when Victoria Russell reached out to me about the MSM program. After meeting with her and learning about the curriculum, it seemed like the perfect way to gain an edge in the consulting field, as I would be able to combine my existing experience with biology with newfound business knowledge. After being accepted, I was further convinced after a visit on campus. I met with John White, who was incredibly welcoming and attentive, dealing with endless questions from myself and my parents. I also saw the beautiful Wake Forest campus, and I could tell it was somewhere I would feel at home. Within a week, I was committed to attending the MSM Program.

Julia McGannJulia McGann

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
UG School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major/Minor: Public Policy and Political Science

Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSM at Wake Forest because I loved the fact that no one had a business background and we were all coming from such diverse backgrounds. Having diversity in ideas, especially in the business world, is so important and I knew I would learn so much from the faculty and my peers because of it. Additionally, this program and the School of Business is very highly ranked, so I wanted to go somewhere where I would be receiving a high quality education that could help set me up for success. The MSM program felt like such a natural fit after deciding not to attend law school after undergrad, and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to be here.

Alyssa NguyenAlyssa Nguyen

Hometown: Hai Phong, Vietnam
UG School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major/Minor: Management and Society, Health and Society

Why Wake: I chose the MSM program because, as a first-generation college student with parents who didn’t advance beyond middle school, I lacked guidance in exploring academic pathways. At the time I applied to schools, I felt I had outgrown my previous job and was eager to expand my knowledge. I first learned about the MSM program through Jennifer Chapman, an alumna of Wake Forest, while researching the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG. It’s interesting how the MSM program aligns with my goals of surpassing my undergraduate education and participating in experiential learning opportunities like team-based consulting projects. At Wake Forest, I have felt welcomed by my peers, faculty, staff, and alumni. Connecting with Wake alumni to gain insights into their careers has been a particularly enjoyable experience.

JP PerezJP Perez

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC
UG School: Furman University
Major/Minor: Politics and International Affairs

Why Wake: I selected to pursue my MSM degree at Wake Forest because I sought to further my education within an elite and well-respected institution and program. Matriculating at Wake Forest has inspired me to be a lifelong learner by challenging myself to a new course load that I have had minimal experience with. This program selects non-business candidates that imparts essential business skills while building upon knowledge acquired from my undergraduate studies. My aspiration is to become an Investment Banker and Wake Forest is the steppingstone towards that goal. Moreover, another attractive advantage of the MSM program is that MSM graduates have a head start with the potential to complete their Wake Forest MBA degree in as few as twelve months. This program with its curriculum and esteemed reputation gives its students professional success and social happiness.

Jack PerryJack Perry

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
UG School: Creighton University
Major/Minor: BA in Political Science, Certificate in Business Administration

Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSM program at Wake Forest because of its tremendous reputation, the experiential learning opportunities available to me in the GCP projects, and because my experience with the people at Wake convinced me that Wake cared about my personal and professional development. All of Wake’s graduate programs were very highly ranked and this was definitely intriguing to me. I also thought the GCP projects offered an excellent opportunity to experience and live a real-world business problem. But most importantly, I felt like the people at Wake really cared about me and they showed me how this program would help me achieve my goals no matter what I decided to do afterwards or how those goals may change in the future.

Dalton PowellDalton Powell

Hometown: Hickory, NC
UG School: UNC Chapel Hill
Major/Minor: Advertising and Public Relations

Why Wake: I chose it because I was graduating early and wasn’t quite ready to work full time yet. I really value a high quality education, so I wanted to take time to pursue my masters degree prior to working.

Madeline RawlsMadeline Rawls

Hometown: Tampa, FL
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major/Minor: Economics & Psychology Double Major; Spanish Minor

Why Wake: Being a Wake undergrad, the MSM program was something that always was on my radar. I had many interests wanted the ability to take a variety of classes at Wake, so I did not go into the Business School. However, I had some experiences where I realized I wanted to solidify and further develop my business knowledge and skills, which influenced me to pursue the MSM program. I knew I wanted to do this at Wake Forest because of my undergraduate experience since I knew how supportive the school was and I knew I loved the Wake Forest culture. I had heard wonderful things from past students at Wake, from meeting new people to the different classes we take, which solidified my choice.

Aimee RuizAimee Ruiz

Hometown: Henderson, NC
UG School: Davidson College
Major/Minor: Latin American Studies Major, Economics Minor

Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSM at Wake Forest because at the time I did not know what I would do post-graduation. I knew that I wanted to pursue something in business while being able to give back to the community. When I was told about the program through the career center at Davidson College, I knew immediately that it was the route I should take and invest in my future by learning something different than what I was currently doing. Davidson and Wake Forest resemble each other in the beautiful campuses, small communities, and having the ability to be involved with what one is passionate about.

Ahan SwamyAhan Swamy

Hometown: Bangalore, India
UG School: Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences
Major/Minor: Physics

Why Wake: I wanted to leverage my analytical and creative skills in the field of business. I want to eventually get into building and scaling companies using various strategies



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