Student Policies

Employment Opportunities for Graduate Students

Wake Forest School of Business offers several types of graduate student employment opportunities ranging from administrative support to teaching and research assistants.  The majority of graduate students are hired at the beginning of the semester and especially during the start of the academic year.

If you are interested in a position there are several ways to inquire. Most students are offered positions through a faculty member, so inquiring with faculty is the best place to start.  Another avenue is through our student contact, Richard Browne.  Federal Work Study students are placed through Lisa Myers in the Financial Aid Office.

Prior to starting to work, there are several forms that must be completed including the Form I-9, W-4, and NC-4. The Federal government requires providing specific, original documentation to satisfy the Form I-9 and the University requires providing a WFU ID card and SSN card. A copy of a voided check or bank account routing information is needed to complete direct deposit authorization.

School of Business Work Policy

Students interested in holding a part-time job while they are enrolled in the full-time day-time graduate programs should consult with their program leadership.


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