Join a Student Organization

Undergraduate Student Involvement Opportunities

There are several ways for undergraduate business majors to be involved in groups and events beyond the classroom!

Interested in joining a business purposed student organization? Check out the listing of active organizations via the Organization Directory from the Office of Student Engagement. These organizations are open to students of any major and are a great way to engage with business related opportunities outside of class.

Looking for a leadership opportunity within the School of Business? Consider applying for a position on the Undergraduate Business Student Council. This group of junior and senior business majors serves as a liaison between students and program leadership and seeks to build community and enhance the experience of fellow business students.

Undergraduate business majors also have the chance to participate in event-based involvement that provide students with short-term leadership opportunities through offerings such as case competitions, fundraising initiatives, and marquee school events.

The entrepreneurial student spirit is alive and well in the School of Business, so we also welcome students to contribute to our community by bringing ideas to us to explore together!

For more information about undergraduate student involvement opportunities email Emily Allen at

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