Graduate Student Involvement Opportunities

There are many meaningful ways for graduate students in the School of Business to get involved in groups and events beyond the classroom.

We are a community where collaboration happens daily inside and outside of our facilities, but we also provide more formal opportunities for students to commit to group membership.  From joining a student organization, to competing with fellow classmates in intramural sports, to participating in numerous service activities, the possibilities are as varied as your interests.

Student Engagement Councils

Each graduate degree program maintains a Student Engagement Council that facilitates socials, celebrations, feedback opportunities, and other student-to-student events within the program.

Student Groups

Students passionate about giving back can also engage in service opportunities through our school-wide service organization, and additional school-wide affinity groups provide opportunities to connect across programs via shared identities and build community while exploring relevant topics.

School Events

Apart from student groups, event-based involvement opportunities provide students with short-term leadership opportunities that culminate in the execution of marquee school events.  Examples of recent student events are: global case competitions, philanthropic fundraising initiatives, forums on contemporary marketplace issues, and events to help students de-stress and have fun.

The entrepreneurial student spirit is alive and well in the School of Business, so we also welcome incoming students to contribute by bringing their own ideas to the table!

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