Hybrid MBA Class: Pre-Work Assignments & Textbooks 

Incoming Student Survey (required)

We kindly ask you to complete the Incoming Student Survey, which will be made available soon. This survey serves a dual purpose: it delves into your professional background and includes a section to gauge your academic preparedness. The areas you identify as needing attention will guide you in preparing for the semester ahead, ensuring you start on the right foot.

HBS Online Courses (Recommended)

Consider enrolling in Harvard Business School (HBS) Online courses covering Quantitative Methods, Financial Accounting, and Management Communications. These self-paced courses are invaluable for building foundational skills essential for your first two MBA semesters. More details on accessing these courses will be provided soon.

Excel Tutorial

Excel proficiency is pivotal for courses like Business Analytics. We recommend reviewing the “Excel for Students” collection on LinkedIn Learning, tailored specifically for Wake Forest MBA programs. This learning resource is accessible using your WFU credentials, providing you with access to a wide array of free training materials.


Your textbooks are an integral part of your academic journey and are included in your tuition. Books for your initial two courses will be distributed during Orientation.

Academic Calendar

Stay updated with the latest academic calendar by visiting the Academic Services page. Your class-specific schedule for the spring semester will be shared with you in December.

Pre-Work Assignments

Be prepared for the possibility of pre-class preparatory coursework assigned by Wake Forest University MBA faculty. If required, you will receive direct communication from your professor outlining these assignments. Your proactive engagement in this coursework will ensure a strong start to your MBA program.


Emma Butterworth, Assistant Director, Student Services, (980) 224-9286 or buttere@wfu.edu