Life at Wake Forest

Life at the Wake Forest School of Business provides a unique experience for the graduate business student. The time spent here offers much more than a rewarding curriculum (including the option to participate in a Global Immersion experience); it offers the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community.

At the Charlotte Center all students are leaders, but a select few hold formal positions such as Student Engagement Council members – whose mission is to build community and enhance the experience of fellow Charlotte MBA students – Honor Council members, peer mentors and tutors.

In addition, the Pro Humanitate motto (for humanity) of the university is exemplified in Charlotte with MBA students volunteering their time and expertise for good causes such as Junior Achievement and Dress for Success.

The Integrative Student Services and Market Readiness & Engagement departments are dedicated to students receiving a robust experience through external programming. Opportunities include the following:

  • Deacon Discussion Series – program connecting the Wake Forest community with both internal and external leaders. Potential DDS speakers include senior business leaders in the Charlotte community, Wake Forest senior leadership, and panelists from a variety of industries, companies and functions.
  • Company Information Sessions & Alumni Introductions – WFU alumni discuss the culture of the company they represent, serve as a connection into the company, and give advice on how to get your foot in the door.
  • Recruiter Information Sessions – “Friends of Wake Forest” recruiters visit WFU and share insights into how to connect with a recruiter, how to drive the recruiter-candidate relationships and insider tips for how you can set yourself up for success.
  • Executive in Residence Program – provides students unique access to experts in specific fields, offering opportunities to network with leaders across a range of industries. The program provides a deeper understanding of business practices and leadership development to enhance career growth. Only available to current MBA students, each student has the opportunity to sit down 1:1 with the EIR for 30-45 minutes, discussing topics ranging from professional development to leadership advice.
  • MBA Meetups –  Get-togethers where current students, alumni, and prospective students have the chance to spend time together in a casual networking environment. We host a variety of meetups including mingling at local breweries in Charlotte, fun family activities, and service projects.

Connect with our student ambassadors

The Wake Forest MBA student ambassadors are an excellent resource to understand life at Wake Forest from a student perspective. Please feel free to view our ambassadors at the link below. You can reach out to ambassadors based on their profile information.

Charlotte Hybrid Ambassador Website