Welcome In-Person MBA – Winston-Salem

Class of 2025

Welcome to the Wake Forest family! We are excited to work with you to ensure that the Wake Forest MBA program is a challenging and rewarding experience.

In this section of the website, you will find pertinent information and materials to prepare you for the upcoming school year. Please read all pages thoroughly and carefully, as they provide important information and list a number of action items that you need to complete before you arrive for orientation.

To download the current School of Business Academic Calendar, visit the Academic Services page and click the link in the left column.


Follow the checklist below to facilitate your transition to Wake Forest. Key contacts can be found on each page. 

  1. Submit your non-refundable enrollment deposit (refer to your admission letter) and final transcript if needed (See Enrollment Deposit)
  2. Activate your WFU account within 10 days of receiving the account activation email (See Computing)
  3. Complete the FAFSA to begin the financial aid process and pay fall tuition by August 1 (See Financial Aid and Tuition)
  4. Register for Orientation events and complete the Student Information Survey by July 31 (See Orientation)
  5. Register for or waive mandatory Student Health Insurance by August 1 (See Health Insurance)

NOTE: Effective June 2022, MBA students will no longer be tracked by the university for COVID-19 vaccination compliance.


  1. Complete Quantitative Methods, Financial Accounting, and Management Communications Courses (See Pre-Work & Textbooks)
  2. Review student parking information, which begins in early August (See Parking)
  3. Learn more about student engagement opportunities (See Life at Wake Forest)
  4. Join Wake Forest social groups (See Join Our Social Groups)
  5. Meet the Winston-Salem MBA Team (See Contact Program Staff)


Admissions/Enrollment QUESTIONS:

Kevin Bender, Executive Director, MBA Programs Enrollment Management, (336) 758-3091, benderkc@wfu.edu

MBA Program Orientation QUESTIONS:

Courtney Burton, Associate Director, Integrative Student Services, (336) 758-2569,  burtonc@wfu.edu