Pre-Work Assignments & Textbooks

The MBA curriculum is designed to provide you with the ability to approach and analyze challenges from a wide range of perspectives in order to achieve holistic solutions. The tasks and resources below will prepare you to meet these challenges before and after classes start.

Pre-Work Assignments (required)

The Wake Forest University MBA faculty may require preparatory coursework to be completed prior to the first day of class. If so, you will receive information directly from your professor via the Canvas Learning Management System.

HBS Online Courses (Recommended)

The Harvard Business School (HBS) Online courses in Quantitative Methods, Financial Accounting, and Management Communications will provide a self-paced way to learn the fundamental skills you’ll need to be successful in your first two semesters in the MBA Program. You will learn more about access to these courses in July.

Orientation Case Study (Required)

A Case Study Analysis will be provided prior to Orientation – read the case thoroughly and come prepared with detailed notes and analysis. This is not a graded assignment, but the exercise will familiarize you with the case study methodology that many Wake Forest MBA faculty utilize in class.

Excel Tutorials

Excel will be used extensively in Business Analytics and other MBA courses. Please review the Excel for Students collection on LinkedIn Learning. This learning collection was curated specifically for the Wake Forest MBA programs. Students can log into LinkedIn Learning using their WFU credentials to gain access to this learning collection and lots of other free training.


All textbooks are required and included with your tuition. Books will be provided prior to the first day of class.

Academic Calendar

The most current academic calendar is available online on the Academic Services page. Your class-by-class schedule for the fall semester will be shared with you in July.


For Pre-Work or Textbooks Questions, Contact:
Emma Butterworth
Assistant Director, Integrative Student Services, Charlotte MBA Programs
980-224-9286 |