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Thanks for your interest in finding out how our building owner solved the problem she faced with the slow elevator in her building.

Like any good business person, she started addressing the problem by first asking the right questions. By asking good questions and listening well to her tenants and others, she was able to re-frame the problem. Once she identified the real problem, the solution came easily.

The same is true in business analytics. At Wake Forest, we believe that the greatest insights from data come when you ask the right questions, listen well, and identify the true problem to be solved. Only then can you turn insights into impact.

Through our MS in Business Analytics Online, we help working professionals like yourself become the leaders of tomorrow by preparing you to shape business decisions with data. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions, handle complex datasets in answering those questions, and influence your organization with the insights you gather.

Jordan BeanJordan Bean
MSBA ’21
Sr. Analyst, Liberty Mutual

“I considered an MBA and more technical degrees (e.g. data science, analytics) but I was impressed at how the WFU program blended technical expertise with business outcomes. I felt that the program was designed to use software and analysis as a way to enable and unlock better decision making rather than the output being the analysis itself.”

Now, back to our building owner. The problem she identified wasn’t that the elevator was slow (even though it was), it was that people hate waiting for elevators. With that in mind, she set out to solve a totally different problem and asked herself, “How can I change the way people wait?”

The solution – mirrors. She added one on every floor and it changed the way tenants waited for the elevator. They became preoccupied looking in the mirror and no longer focused on how long the elevator took to arrive. Her complaints vanished. Far cheaper than replacing an elevator drive motor!

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