Academic Services

Undergraduate Advising & Registration

Academic advising and registration in School of Business undergraduate programs are centralized for the benefit of students in each major. Students with questions regarding academic advising and registration can contact Sharon Payne or Lynn Zimmerman, both of whom are located in the Farrell Hall Student Engagement Suite.

Graduate Student Academic Services

The office of Graduate Student Academic Services is your resource for all student academic records and registration concerns. Graduate Student Academic Services (GSAS) performs registrarial functions for all graduate programs in the WFU School of Business, including the maintenance of all student, curricula, grade, course, and policy records. GSAS also oversees and manages course registration processes, and works with faculty and other staff members to manage academic progress, enrollment reporting, and degree certification processes. If at any point a student should need to work with or submit a proposal to the Certification Committee, GSAS will serve as the conduit for that correspondence and as a general resource for the student.

Obtaining Verification of Enrollment

Students often require official verification of their student, degree, or enrollment status for various reasons. Verifications are available on WIN/Virtual Campus/Your Student Records/Enrollment Verification or we are happy to provide such verifications upon request.

Obtaining a Transcript

Transcripts are processed through the University Registrar’s Office, with complete directions on how to request one at their website here:  If you have any questions concerning the process, the University Registrar’s Office can be reached by email at or by phone at (336) 758-5207.

The Graduate Student Handbook

The WFU School of Business Graduate Student Handbook is a very important document for students in all graduate business programs. The handbook contains information about school policies, procedures, resources, organizations and programs of study. An updated copy of the summer 2017 Handbook (for July program starts) is available electronically here: Graduate Student Handbook 2017-2018. Listed below are some of the most commonly sought after handbook sections related to student academic policy:

  • Honor code and honor council details
  • Student educational records privacy notification statement
  • Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for financial aid eligibility
  • Withdrawal refunds policy
  • Scholarship renewal/continuation policy
  • WFU School of Business cancellation policy
  • Cross-graduate-program course enrollment policy
  • 2016-17 WFU School of Business academic calendar
  • Graduate Student Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures
  • Graduate degree programs
    • MA in Management degree program curriculum
    • MSA degree program curriculum
    • MSBA degree program curriculum
    • Winston-Salem Evening MBA degree program curriculum
    • PhD/MBA joint degree program curriculum
    • Charlotte Evening MBA degree program curriculum
    • Charlotte Saturday MBA degree program curriculum
  • Graduate Programs Certification & Evaluation Document
  • Probation, suspension, and dismissal
  • Withdrawal from the School of Business
  • Leave of absence
  • Grading scale
  • Repeating a course
  • Student complaints
  • Specialized studies