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Torin Martinez

Full-time MBA Candidate

Full-time MBA student Torin Martinez was originally attracted to Wake Forest because of the culture of the business school. The student-to-faculty ratio and cohesiveness among the students was a strong draw for Torin. He values that the curriculum is based upon a team dynamic with a strong focus on analytics and feels the knowledge he gains in the program will serve him well for the rest of his career.

Tiffany Reynolds

Working Professional MBA Candidate

From the first day of classes, Tiffany has taken what she learned and applied it to her daily business world. She currently works at Marriott and attends evening classes. One of the most valuable things she has learned is how to take a more strategic approach to solve problems. Working in teams both in and out of the classroom has helped to Tiffany to become a better manager, leader and problem solver, even while still in the program. Exposure and interaction to CEOs of various industries has been another great advantage. Tiffany says, "I would have enrolled much sooner if I knew the experiences I would have."

Brandon Monteith

MA, 2014

Brandon finished his undergraduate degree in Journalism in May of 2013 and wanted to increase his marketability and expand his business acumen. He chose to come to the 10-month MA in Management program at Wake Forest because he felt it was the perfect fit for him. He gains applicable business skills through courses such as Business Analytics, Accounting, Economics and Organizational Behavior that will pay off as he charts his future through the business world.

Maggie Wagner

BS, 2014

The most important thing Maggie has learned so far in the School of Business is the value of teamwork. Working with a diverse group has taught her to balance how she leads and collaborates. Maggie originally chose Wake Forest University because of the warm community feel she got while visiting the campus. The enthusiasm and strong bonds she sees in other students has confirmed her decision to attend WFU.

John Stewart

Working Professional MBA Candidate

John recognizes great opportunities when he sees them – he chose to enroll in the Wake Forest School of Business Working Professionals program because he saw the chance to get a world-class education right in his backyard. Being in the medical profession, John is no stranger to evolving business practices. The program has afforded him a better grasp on understanding Information Technology, effective delivery systems and financing those improvements to provide better care for the patient. Not only has John been equipped with technical skills to better his career, he has also learned the importance of ethical leadership.

Laura Bondel

Full-time MBA Candidate

Laura was attracted to Wake Forest’s full-time MBA program because of the overall community feel created by small class sizes. The intimate environment helps foster close relationships among faculty, staff and fellow students. Laura especially feels she benefits from relationships with her professors – she sees them as instructors, mentors and friends. Laura also appreciates the connection of each subject to the real world, from financial modeling to marketing. She has already applied this knowledge to help in her job interviews and networking.

Joseph Murphy

MA, 2014

During his recruitment process for the MA in Management program, Joseph realized the School of Business embodies a high level of ethics and integrity. With an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, he wanted to enroll in a graduate program whose values aligned with his own. Since being in the MA program, Joseph has been able to apply his liberal arts background to the business world and has developed new skills and knowledge he would not have gained elsewhere.

Seth Collie

MSA Candidate

Accounting student Seth Collie talks about his decision to attend Wake Forest, why he chose his major, his internship experience, and what he hopes to achieve in his career.

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