Your Masters in Accounting Leads to Measurable Success

Wake Forest University’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program gives today’s accounting and finance professionals the knowledge, skills and experience they need to navigate modern challenges in a wide range of business environments. In the MSA program, students complete intensive coursework, seminars and case-based research to prepare for thriving careers in assurance, tax and financial transaction and advisory services at top firms around the world. Recognized as one of the leading accounting programs in the country, Wake Forest MSA students benefit from:

  • Small class sizes and access to dedicated professors and mentors with real-world professional experience
  • The choice of career tracks in Assurance Services, Tax Consulting or Financial Transaction Services, with the last track being unique to Wake Forest University
  • A 10-week professional paid internship during the busy accounting season to gain hands-on experience
  • A consistent institutional record of earning the #1 pass rate in the nation on the CPA Exam
  • Access to recruiters from leading international, national and regional accounting firms who consider Wake Forest a premier recruiting school for accounting
  • Classes in the newly opened Farrell Hall, a state-of-the-art $55 million learning complex

Our challenging program shapes aspiring financial professionals in a climate of diligent collaboration, preparing them for the demands of global business and leading to internships and job placements with the world’s most competitive employers. The combination of high caliber students, dedicated faculty, innovative curriculum and thorough preparation explains why Wake Forest’s MSA program has ranked number one in CPA pass rates among institutions with accounting programs more often than any other university since its founding in 1994, leading Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Public Accounting Report to rate it among the nation’s top 20 accounting programs.

As a top recruiting school, MSA graduates interview with leading employers such as EY, PwC, KPMG and Deloitte, and benefit from a strong history of virtually 100% employment at graduation, with many graduates receiving multiple offers.

“Wake Forest combines outstanding faculty with a demanding curriculum, a strong internship requirement and thorough CPA exam preparation, making it ideal for diligent students committed to learning. I truly believe the Wake Forest MSA program is the quintessential accounting program.”


– Tori Stewart, MSA ‘13, internship with Financial Accounting Standards Board