Your Ten-Month Path to Success

Coursework in the MA in Management program includes business concepts related to finance, marketing, operations, business analytics, accounting, economics, organizational behavior, ethics, career management and information technology. Students are immersed in these disciplines through five integrated modules over the 10-month program (shown below).

2014-2015 Master of Arts in Management Curriculum

The program begins in early to mid-July with a rigorous five-week summer session preparing you for graduate level courses in business and helping you explore career interests. Module One of the integrated academic year kicks-off in August with the objective of developing your baseline competencies. Building on this foundation, Module Two emphasizes development of the core managerial competencies required by all business professionals. Module Three offers the opportunity to apply individual and managerial competencies by addressing issues faced by managers across functions. The Fourth Module enhances the skills and knowledge acquired in previous modules by applying it to the real-world challenges of competing successfully in a global environment.

* For complete course descriptions, please refer to the current edition of the School of Business Graduate Student Handbook.

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