Wake Forest Alumni

WFU 6_edit​When you join our active and widespread alumni community after graduation, you are never further than a phone call, email or handshake away from an old friend, new colleague or exciting business opportunity. Meanwhile, you can help maintain the University’s reputation for higher social purpose through community service while strengthening and leveraging Wake Forest alumni resources, ensuring that your degree gains value for life.

As an alum, the opportunities for involvement and engagement are limitless. You can refer candidates to our business programs. You can stay in touch with faculty and fellow graduates at alumni networking events and reunions. You can join alumni clubs, boards and councils. You can give back to the University with a charitable gift or get involved with our Advancement Team. You can even enroll in electives for course credit or audit classes as part of our Lifelong Learning program. Most importantly, you can remain a vital part of the Wake Forest community long after graduation day.  Explore the additional pages in this section for more information on how you can get involved.