Business & Enterprise Management Internships


The Business & Enterprise Management internship is designed to provide students the opportunity for a meaningful career-related experience in a variety of organizational settings.

BEM Internship Requirements

The undergraduate school’s Business and Enterprise Management Internship program is designed to give students unique learning opportunities to gain valuable experience, apply their skills, and make business contacts. Students are expected to seize these opportunities and maximize the internship’s learning potential.

As envoys of Wake Forest, students must realize that their performance reflects on the University and the School of Business, and may affect availability of future internship opportunities. Your work ethic and professionalism will impact future Wake students for years to come. In accordance, students must act professionally, which includes being punctual, performing work effectively and efficiently, and demonstrating interest in the sponsoring company’s work. At the conclusion of your internship, we want your supervisor to say, “Send me another intern just like her/him/them. My WFU intern was GREAT!”

The intern will assume both an employee and a student role simultaneously. As an employee, the intern must perform assigned duties satisfactorily. All company regulations, health and safety conditions, and legal requirements apply, and any company policy violations should be handled in the usual way. Also classified as a Wake Forest student, the intern is subject to all applicable university regulations.


  • Students must be accepted BEM majors
  • Students must complete 15 hours of undergraduate School of Business credit including BEM 211 and 287

Requirements for Internship Approval (BEFORE beginning work)

  • Students seeking credit for BEM 389 must submit all required paperwork
  • Gain approval for their internship
  • Attend an Internship Orientation

Internship Requirements (during employment)

Student Responsibilities

The student will:

  • Work a minimum of 200 hours over a minimum of five weeks.
  • Prepare job responsibilities and outcomes for the internship, which should be developed cooperatively with input from the Director of Internship Development and the Supervisor.
  • Compile reports on a weekly basis (bi-weekly during a Fall or Spring semester) with a status report/journal.
  • Compile a final report/narrative reflection.
  • Prepare a professionally oriented Internship Portfolio that showcases their work.
  • Maintain contact with the faculty member as appropriate, throughout the internship.

Note: No internship credit will be granted for work already in progress or completed.

Employer Responsibilities

The supervisor will:

  • Approve job responsibilities and intended learning outcomes, which the intern has developed cooperatively with the faculty member, and the supervisor.
  • Provide ongoing, informal feedback to the student about his/her work performance.
  • Complete an initial and final evaluation of the student’s internship using a form provided by the School of Business. The evaluation should include a face-to-face meeting between the supervisor and the intern, and a copy of the evaluation form must be sent to the supervising faculty member.

To promote a mutually beneficial relationship, the student, the faculty member and the supervisor should maintain contact throughout the semester. If questions or concerns arise, the supervisor is urged to communicate with the Director of Internship Development. Such contact is welcomed and appreciated.

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How to Find an Internship

Internship Resources

BEM Internship Database

The BEM Internship Database contains companies and contacts who have expressed interest in hosting WFU interns or have hosted WFU interns in the past.

CLICK HERE to access the BEM Internship Database (login required – use your WFU username/password)

Additional Resources:

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Submit Internship for Approval

Once you have confirmed details for your proposed internship, fill in the form at the link below and hit Submit.

CLICK HERE to Submit Internship for Approval

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For Alumni and Employers

Bringing the Business and Enterprise Management curriculum to our students is an ambitious undertaking. It not only relies on the substantial talents of our faculty, but also on the proactive involvement of forward-thinking companies and alumni.

Having one or more BEM candidates as intern(s) in your organization for a minimum of five weeks will provide you with:

  • Bright, dedicated interns with a strong work ethic, desire to learn, and drive to succeed
  • Inside track on new-talent screening and recruitment
  • Valuable input and fresh perspective on tough company issues
  • High-quality deliverables for a relatively low cost
  • Opportunity to make a big impact on the development of these talented business students and help them fine-tune their professional direction
  • Ongoing relationship with the Wake Forest academic community

Whether you represent a business or are an alumnus, we’re eager to get you involved in this exciting program. It’s a win-win partnership for you and our students! If you are interested in recruiting Wake Forest BEM majors for potential internship opportunities, please contact Stuart Mease at or call (336) 758-4150.

Post an Internship Opportunity

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Employer Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

  • Are these internships paid?
    The answer varies by organization. Some internships are paid hourly while other organizations choose to provide a stipend for the full internship. Some organizations may provide housing and expenses. Some internships are unpaid. Some students may only be eligible for paid internships.
  • What are the appropriate dates of the internship?
    The dates vary significantly but generally fall in the late May to late August range.
  • How will student housing and expenses be paid?
    These arrangements are generally the responsibility of the student.


Employer Tips for Effective/Meaningful Internships

  1. Students have many talents that benefit employers: professional skills, enthusiasm, dedication to learning, and an eagerness to work and do a good job. A good internship program will ensure the assignment of challenging projects and tasks.
  2. Effective assignments are coupled with adequate supervision so as to provide an information resource and to ensure interns are keeping pace. Use care in identifying a seasoned staff member who “buys in” to the importance of utilizing interns.
  3. Develop a detailed job description for the student intern. Involve the manager who will be responsible for supervising the student in the development process and discuss requirements with student intern.
  4. Ensure that infrastructure is in place to support the intern(s). Sufficient workspace (desk, computer workstation, access to phone and fax, company email if necessary, etc.)
  5. Discuss “learning objectives” with your interns and supervisors.
  6. Plan ongoing weekly meetings to stay up-to-date with the intern’s progress.
  7. Provide an orientation to your organization. Introduce the student to the organization, the employees, the physical layout, and the order of responsibility.
  8. If possible, have supervisors encourage students to participate in your organization’s training programs as well as cross-department assignments.
  9. Involve supervisors and students in a formal evaluation process. An evaluation form will be provided for you at the midpoint and the end of the internship. Take some time to review the evaluation with the student intern.
  10. Give the intern the opportunities to apply education and skills. Assign projects that include such elements as planning, designing, evaluating and researching.
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BEM Summer Work Fellowship:

The purpose of the BEM Summer Work Fellowship is to provide financial support to students who might not be able to accept an unpaid or low-paying internship without other financial assistance. All rising BEM seniors are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 to aid in the completion of the required BEM internship. The intent is to award the full amount of $3,000 to those applicants with unpaid internships.

The BEM Summer Work Fellowship is intended to fund those internships you list in the application.  Accepting a different internship will require a new application for funding.  If after receiving the fellowship a recipient finds that his/her position is paid, s/he may submit a request for up to $2,000 to help cover internship expenses. Decisions about these requests will be made based on the projected net costs stated in your application and will be contingent on available funds after all unpaid internship applications have been considered.

Fellowships are intended to help cover living expenses for students completing unpaid or low-paid internships during the summer semester.  Fellowship funds are not intended to cover tuition at other universities, payments to third-party search companies, or other costs not directly related to the completion of your BEM internship.

Questions regarding the BEM Summer Work Fellowship should be directed to Bren Varner – Program Director – BEM Major, Senior Lecturer (

Coumantaros Global Exploration Internship Fund:

This fund provides a stipend for students who plan to intern outside their country of residence.   Internships that meet the requirements for BEM 389 are eligible for this funding.  In addition to the BEM internship requirements, students who are selected are required to complete a one page reflection on their experience which will be shared with the donors of the Fund.  The stipend is open to all School of Business students with qualified internships, but the financial need of the student and internship compensation may be considered when awarding the Fund. The amount of the awards may vary.

Please contact Emily Allen ( for more information or to be considered for the Coumantaros Fund.

Contact Us

For more information, or to discuss potential internship opportunities, please contact:

Bren VarnerBren Varner
Program Director – BEM Major, Senior Lecturer
Business Enterprise Management Program
Wake Forest University School of Business
Office: Farrell Hall 389
Phone: (336) 758-5098


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