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The School of Business is dedicated to providing lifelong learning opportunities for our alumni throughout their life and career journey. Our topics often expand across industries, career paths, identities, and personal growth goals. If there is a topic that you would like to learn more about or if you would like to facilitate a webinar or lifelong learning opportunity for alumni, contact us as

Audit a Class*

School of Business alumni have the opportunity to return to campus and audit a class from their degree program (MBA, MSA, MSBA, or MSM). Alumni may enroll on a space-available basis and with permission of the relevant Associate Dean and course instructor. Interested alumni should contact that Graduate Student Academic Services office at for more information regarding availability and rates. *Classroom capacity is among the greatest challenges imposed by strict adherence to 6-foot social distancing guidance during the time of COVID-19. As we seek to lessen the population density in our classrooms, we are temporarily suspending the option for alumni to audit a class. We look forward to resuming this lifelong learning feature in the future.

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Career Support and Development

  • Wednesday, July 8 Andy Chan and the World of Work
    Andy Chan addressed questions about job searching, leadership and management during times of crisis, and embracing an entrepreneurial mindset to pivot during a pandemic.
  • Tuesday, December 8Crafting a Career Change: A Conversation with WFU Alumni
    Learn from alumni who have used networking, graduate school, and an intentional sabbatical to identify “what’s next.” They share their strategies to plan for and make a change.
  • Wednesday, May 13Crafting Your Pitch: Telling Your Story to Recruiters and Employers
    Patrick Sullivan (’93, MBA ’03), Director of Strategic Projects, provided some tips and strategies for crafting an effective pitch to get you noticed.
  • Wednesday, April 22Creating a Strategic Job Search
    Sharron Vogler, Senior Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment at the School of Business, offered tips and strategies for clarifying your skills and strengths while developing a plan for what comes next.
  • Wednesday, June 17Grow Where You’re Planted: Upskilling from Where You Sit
    This webinar offered tips and strategies for seeking out growth and development from where you are.
  • Wednesday, September 2Hope is Not a Plan: Setting Goals the Right Way
    Assistant VP Allison McWilliams explores the science behind effective goal-setting, shares some tools to set goals the right way, and helps you create three specific, actionable goals to move your dreams to reality, starting now.
  • Wednesday, October 28Leveraging LinkedIn
    Understand the key parts of the LinkedIn profile and how to use the powerful tools available to you.
  • Wednesday, June 10Navigating a Career Pivot
    Alumna Kristin Winkle Beck, certified coach and CEO of Pivot Point Professionals, shared what she learned from making her own career pivot and offered strategies for creating a pivot action plan.
  • Thursday, July 23Navigating a Career Pivot after a Furlough
    Kristin Winkle Beck (’97) discussed do’s and don’ts during a pivot; how to make tough decisions; creating a pivot action plan; and expanding your network.
  • Wednesday, September 16Resume Revamp
    This webinar addresses three key areas for revamping your resume, along with specific examples that you can apply to your current resume immediately.
  • Monday, October 12Using LinkedIn as a Professional Networking Tool
    Teddy Burris of Burris Consulting shares his expertise as a LinkedIn Consultant and Coach.
  • Wednesday, December 2Q&A with Employer Relations
    Mercy Eyadiel, AVP/Chief Corporate Engagement Officer, and Stuart Mease, Executive Director for Employer Relations, discuss trends in the job market, insights they’re hearing from recruiters, and ways you can make yourself stand out as a job candidate.

Practical Learning

  • Thursday, November 12Excel Filtering and Sorting Lists
    Explore the different ways to work with your lists of data. Discover the power of Flash Fill to format your data. Learn different techniques for filtering and sorting to make your data easier to read and manipulate.
  • Thursday, November 19Excel PivotTables and Pivot Charts
    Learn how to take large tables of data and create reports and charts that display only the data and calculations you want to see.
  • Thursday, October 22Excel: Using Formulas and Functions
    Learn the quickest way to create a formula and the difference between a formula and function. Find the fast way to search and use a function. Get familiar with cell references and the importance of absolute vs. relative references.

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