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The School of Business is dedicated to providing lifelong learning opportunities for our alumni throughout their life and career journey. Our topics often expand across industries, career paths, identities, and personal growth goals. If there is a topic that you would like to learn more about or if you would like to facilitate a webinar or lifelong learning opportunity for alumni, contact us as

Audit a Class*

School of Business alumni have the opportunity to return to campus and audit a class from their degree program (MBA, MSA, MSBA, or MSM). Alumni may enroll on a space-available basis and with permission of the relevant Associate Dean and course instructor. Interested alumni should contact that Graduate Student Academic Services office at for more information regarding availability and rates. *Classroom capacity is among the greatest challenges imposed by strict adherence to 6-foot social distancing guidance during the time of COVID-19. As we seek to lessen the population density in our classrooms, we are temporarily suspending the option for alumni to audit a class. We look forward to resuming this lifelong learning feature in the future.

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Wednesday, August 12 | Engage RIDE to Reduce Biases, Prejudices, and Discrimination in Teams and Organizations
This second in a series of webinars focused on reducing biases, prejudices, and discrimination in teams and organizations. Learn two powerful tools you can use to enhance your self-awareness and behaviors regarding diversity and inclusion.

Thursday, August 6 | Mis/Disinformation and the Vaccine Debate
This session looks back at the mis/disinformation that has surrounded vaccines from its roots in a research study in the UK to a much larger conspiracy theory.

Thursday, July 30 | Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Leadership Discussion
Password: Dei73020
Reginald Willis, Ally’s Chief Diversity Officer discussed the impacts of racism in a way that is serious, truthful and sustainable.

Wednesday, July 29 | Q&A Summer Series: Steph Trilling and Erin Adamson on Gender in the Workplace
Women’s Center leaders shared ideas about the ways gender impacts our workplaces.

Thursday, July 23 | Navigating a Career Pivot after a Furlough
Kristin Winkle Beck (’97) discussed do’s and don’ts during a pivot; how to make tough decisions; creating a pivot action plan; and expanding your network.

Monday, July 20 | Gender Equity@Work: As Employees and Leaders
Password: uQ&Gx1Y*
Learn to be aware of pay inequities and skills to better advocate for yourself and/or others in ways that support women and promote gender equity at work.

Monday, July 20 | Tackling Fake News: Know Better – Do Better
Learn tools and strategies for dealing with fake news through fact-checking, being more selective in your sources of information, and utilizing technologies that can help you along the way.

Wednesday, July 15 | Doing the Right Thing: How Companies Lead in the New Age of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion has taken center stage in a way that it hasn’t since the great Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. A panel of communications and legal experts explore the internal changes that companies need to make and the external communications that is required.

Tuesday, July 14 | We’ve seen the enemy and it is us: Why we are susceptible to fake news
Refresh your memories about a variety of biases and logical fallacies and delve into how they are taken advantage of in the world of fake news.

Tuesday, July 14 | COVID is Killing Me: the Effects of COVID-Induced Stress, and What You Can Do about It
Understand the biological effects chronic stress has on the human body; ways to reduce that stress; and how the food one eats can increase or decrease the body’s physiological response to stress.

Thursday, July 9 | The End of Brand Neutrality: How to Be Good Corporate Citizens in an Age of Civil Unrest
Panelists explored ways in which businesses can work toward a transformative outcome by becoming more transparent and more socially and culturally responsible corporate citizens.

Wednesday, July 8 | Trolls and Bots in the Machine: The Mechanics of Fake News
How and why fake news spreads, who spreads it, and why it matters is covered in this webinar. Learn how to recognize and respond to fake news, fake accounts, trolls and bots.

Wednesday, July 8 Andy Chan and the World of Work
Andy Chan addressed questions about job searching, leadership and management during times of crisis, and embracing an entrepreneurial mindset to pivot during a pandemic.

Thursday, July 2 | Mis/disinformation Online in the Time of COVID-19
From memes to astroturfing, this interactive discussion examined the qualities and characteristics of the creation and dissemination of mis/disinformation.

Wednesday, July 1 | Calling and Vocation: Discerning Biblical Voices for Transformation
Password: 8P!608A$
WFU School of Divinity Associate Professor of New Testament Dr. Shaner discussed the ways that voices we don’t usually hear in the biblical text give power and strength to theological voices we need to hear in the public square.

Wednesday, June 30 | The Roots of Unrest: Addressing Racialized Police Violence
A panel of WFU professors had a candid and timely public conversation about racialized police violence.

Wednesday, June 24 | Quarantine is Not a Competition: Self-Compassion and the Myth of “Winning”
Ryan Riccordella (’15) explored how to practice self-compassion and avoid toxic comparisons while still holding ourselves accountable for the progress we want to make.

Thursday, June 18 | Be NICE to Reduce Biases, Prejudice, and Discrimination
This compelling and timely webinar explored the sources that give rise to the development of stereotypes, prejudice, biases, and discrimination against groups of people.

Wednesday, June 17 | Unboss Your Leadership to Motivate Others
Explore the concept of unbossed leadership style and its links to increased motivation and performance.

Wednesday, June 17 | We’ve seen the enemy and it is us: Why we are susceptible to fake news
Refresh your memories about a variety of biases and logical fallacies and delve into how they are taken advantage of in the world of fake news. Presented by the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

Wednesday, June 17 | Grow Where You’re Planted: Upskilling from Where You Sit
This webinar offered tips and strategies for seeking out growth and development from where you are.

Tuesday, June 16 | Will COVID-19 Bring Creation or Destruction to Campus?
A group of insightful panelists shared their perspectives on the pandemic response and what that means for higher education.

Thursday, June 11 | Pandemics and Prediction: What’s Next in World Politics and Global Brands
A conversation with Tim Roemer (P ’16, P ’22) and Emily Manning (’12) about our current political landscape.

Wednesday, June 10 | Navigating a Career Pivot
Alumna Kristin Winkle Beck, certified coach and CEO of Pivot Point Professionals, shared what she learned from making her own career pivot and offered strategies for creating a pivot action plan.

Thursday, June 4 | A Conversation on Leadership and Pro Humanitate for the “Now Normal”
An engaging dialogue on leadership and pro humanitate, as part of School of Divinity’s “A Virtual Series of Our Time” programming.

Wednesday, June 3 | Communications in the Time of COVID-19
This webinar offered tools to be more compassionate and effective in your written communications.

Monday, June 1 | Mis/Disinformation Online in the Time of COVID-19
From memes to astroturfing, this interactive discussion examined the qualities and characteristics of the creation and dissemination of mis/disinformation.

Wednesday, May 27 | Lessons on Leadership with Billy Prim
Prim will shared his experiences developing businesses, approach to leadership, and reflections on career influences.

Wednesday, May 27 | Can Rights Remain the Same in the New Normal?
A panel of legal and business professionals share their views about the appropriate role of government in managing the current health and economic crisis.

Wednesday, May 27 | Mentorship and Management: Leading People and Teams
This webinar explored how to use four specific strategies for effective mentorship to lead your teams, deepen employee engagement, and create cultures of care.

Wednesday, May 20 | Living Comfortably on a Whim
A webinar on the rollercoaster of adapting, pivoting, and enjoying the ride of entrepreneurship with Amy Shack Egan (’14), CEO of Modern Rebel.

Monday, May 18 | Wake Forest University Virtual Conferring of Degrees
Watch as we honor our 2020 graduates and fellow Deacons and gather in spirit for the conferring of degrees.

Wednesday, May 13 | How Leaders Bring About Adaptive, Positive Change in a Crisis
This webinar explores how leaders can view and use a crisis to bring about lasting change with a simple process model for organizational change.

Wednesday, May 13 | Crafting Your Pitch: Telling Your Story to Recruiters and Employers
Patrick Sullivan (’93, MBA ’03), Director of Strategic Projects, provided some tips and strategies for crafting an effective pitch to get you noticed.

Monday, May 11 | Graduate and Professional Schools Admissions Panel
Password (case sensitive): Deacs
A panel of multi-disciplinary program representatives from the Wake Forest Schools of Business, Law, and Medicine discussed the various application and decision-making processes and the impact of COVID-19 on these programs.

Thursday, May 7 | Religion, Public Life, and The Supreme Court in the Time of COVID-19
Melissa Rogers, Visiting Professor, attorney and former White House official explored the novel ways in which these entities interact in the time of COVID-19.

Thursday, May 7 | Upside Down Thinking in Unprecedented Times
Dr. Peter Sheldrake, Executive Education Program faculty member, spoke about innovating strategically in times of significant change.

Wednesday, May 6 | Strategies for People Engagement in the Midst of Crisis
Emily Goodson (‘07), CEO & Founder of CultureSmart, offered practical tips for engaging your workforce, communicating to your team, and responding to changing employee needs.

Saturday, May 2 | Evaluating the US Presidential Selection Process
Dr. Katy Harriger, professor of Politics and International Studies, who will explained the evolution of the presidential selection process and addressed the implications of COVID-19 on this year’s election.

Thursday, April 30 | Healthcare, Health Policy, and a Global Pandemic: Where do we go from here?
Donna Edwards (‘80), Wake Forest Trustee and columnist for The Washington Post, and Jack Kalavritinos (‘85), senior director and public affairs and health communications expert for APCO Worldwide, shared their unique perspectives on the healthcare and health policy implications of this unprecedented time.

Wednesday, April 29 | Virtual Coffee: Remote Work Hacks
Tiffany Tate (’07, MA ’11), Associate Director of National Engagement, offered some tips and tricks for working from home.

Friday, April 24 | Working Remotely Tips & Tricks: Strategies and Self-Compassion for Working Parents & Caregivers During COVID-19
This virtual panel of working caregivers from Wake Forest shared their experiences working from home (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and offered tips and tricks to others.

Wednesday, April 22 | Leading to Promote Post-Adversity Growth
Dr. Pat Sweeney, Executive Director, Allegacy Center for Leadership & Character, discussed leader actions and mindsets that facilitate effective crisis leadership while setting the conditions for post-adversity growth.

Wednesday, April 22 | Creating a Strategic Job Search
Sharron Vogler, Senior Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment at the School of Business, offered tips and strategies for clarifying your skills and strengths while developing a plan for what comes next.