Compete & Conquer in Wake Forest University Business Competitions

Business is rooted in competition, which makes Wake Forest University School of Business student competitions invaluable experiences for our students, helping them build functional skills while showcasing them to potential corporate employers. Our challenging, high-profile business competitions include:

Retail Innovation Challenge: The Elevator Competition

Teams of MBA and undergraduate students from leading universities give a two-minute elevator pitch to venture capitalists and business executives to launch innovative ideas for the retail sector. Finalists present their business plans to an elite group of judges for a chance to win a $25,000 grand prize. The 24-hour event is hosted by the School’s Center for Retail Innovation and supplemented with learning and networking opportunities with leading retail companies. Learn more at:

The Marketing Summit & Case Competition

Graduate and undergraduate student teams creatively apply their marketing skills to real-world business problems over the course of a 36-hour competition. The Marketing Summit is the premier student-run marketing case competition in the world, with a purse of more than $100,000 awarded to the winning teams. The three-day event includes industry panels, presentations and networking events with leading corporations. Learn more at:

The Biotechnology Conference & Case Competition

Biotech and healthcare professionals, firms, students, faculty and community leaders collaborate and share insights on the future of biotechnology. In addition to speakers and networking events, the sponsored case competition unites MBAs and students from other disciplines to solve a strategic challenge for the lead sponsor company, with a chance to earn a grand prize of $10,000. Learn more at:

The Kauffman/Angell Center for Entrepreneurship National Case-Writing Competition (KACE)

Students prepare original teaching cases based on their summer internships. The competition received the Irwin-McGraw-Hill Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award, presented by the Academy of Management.