Evening MBA Curriculum

The Evening MBA curriculum is designed to provide you with the ability to approach and analyze challenges from a wide range of perspectives in order to achieve holistic solutions. The cohort/team-based approach to the MBA means that all members of an entering class will graduate together at the conclusion of the two-year program, while learning supportively from each other throughout the program.

The lockstep curriculum emphasizes broad-based leadership and management skills that are both strategic and global, while integrating the spectrum of functional areas to deepen your knowledge across disciplines, including finance, operations, marketing, entrepreneurship and information technology. To add to your skill set, you can choose electives to hone your interests and further define your career path.

Elective courses provide students opportunities to complement their well-rounded business acumen with additional depth, breadth, and application in subject areas of interest. These courses can round out a student’s skills, cultivate new areas of expertise, facilitate career advancement, and support efforts to pivot to a new role, company, or industry.

Optional concentrations are available in Business Analytics, Strategy & Leadership, and Finance. Students may also choose to earn a general MBA by selecting a combination of elective courses best aligned with their interests and goals. Students have flexibility to take elective courses offered in the Charlotte Evening, Charlotte Saturday, and Winston-Salem Evening formats.

Business Analytics

A wide range of industries and functions apply data-driven strategies to solve business challenges and identify emerging opportunities. A concentration in Business Analytics is ideal for students who are interested in honing their problem solving skills to effectively employ advanced methodologies to take data from insight to impact. The Wake Forest difference is developing communication and managerial skills to complement your technical expertise and helps you amplify the influence of your analysis.

Strategy & Leadership

A common goal for Wake MBA students is to accelerate their careers and move into positions of greater responsibility, scope and leadership. The Strategy & Leadership concentration cultivates management skills by further developing strategic decision making, negotiation, and change leadership for those with an eye on the C-suite.

Finance – Available for incoming 2019 Students

Managers at every level in every organization benefit from understanding the financial health and performance of their business. A concentration in Finance develops the knowledge, skills, and abilities to address complex financial decisions, manage risk, analyze investments, and maximize shareholder value.

Curriculum Overview


MBA Curriculum



* For official curricular details, complete course descriptions, and any potential electives, please refer to the current edition of the School of Business Graduate Student Handbook found on our Academic Services page.

Note: Wake Forest University reserves the right to change course offerings and schedules at any time. Information on specific courses is presented for general information and guidance.