Apply to the Wake Forest University School of Business

BEMtabletop0007Wake Forest undergraduates apply to the School of Business in the spring of their sophomore year. Each year we limit acceptances and admission is competitive, so it’s important to keep your grades strong.

Whether you choose to major in Business and Enterprise Management, Accountancy, Finance or Mathematical Business, you will learn as much about yourself and society as you will about business.


Admission to the Wake Forest University School of Business undergraduate program is by formal application, and applicants are screened by the School’s Committee on Admissions, Continuation, and Scholarships. Students apply for admission to the School of Business during the spring semester of the sophomore year and are admitted effective the fall semester of their junior year. Before being considered for admission to the School of Business, the applicant first must have been admitted to Wake Forest University. The School’s majors are quite comprehensive; therefore, students are advised to complete as many of the basic and divisional requirements as possible in the freshman and sophomore years.

The minimum requirements for consideration of admission to the School of Business are:

  • Completion of 49 hours (by the end of the sophomore year) with a cumulative WFU grade point average of 2.85
  • Completion of the following courses with a C or better:
  1. Economics (ECN) 150 and Math & Statistics (MST) 111 or 112 (MST 112 for mathematical business majors) recommended completion by fall of sophomore year; AP credit may fulfill the requirements for these classes
  2. Accounting (ACC) 111 recommended in the sophomore year; must be completed at Wake Forest University
  3. Business & Enterprise Management (BEM) 201 (MST 256 for mathematical business majors) in the sophomore year

Based on availability, students will be enrolled in an additional School of Business course in the spring semester of the sophomore year (ACC 221, BEM 211, BEM 221, BEM 251, BEM 261, or FIN 231).

Students who have not fully met the above requirements may still apply while requirements are in progress. The number of students who can be accepted is limited. Meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admission. Minimum requirements are subject to change.

Prospective students may contact Dru Simpson, Administrative Coordinator, Student Integrative Services at or call 336-758-5422 for additional information.