Master of Science in Business Analytics

Business Analytics opportunities are numerous as major organizations adopt data-driven, technology-focused strategies across nearly every industry. In the Wake Forest Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree program, you will learn advanced methodologies to apply analytics to business challenges across a range of functions, including finance, marketing, operations and human resources. You will also learn the language of business and how to work successfully in teams while effectively communicating the results of your analysis. Bottom line – we develop problem solvers that can take data from insight to impact, and can add value to any organization from day one.



Class of 2018, within 6 months of graduation


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Class of 2017



STEM/OPT certifications extend employment opportunities for Intl students

Ty WittTy Witt — Double Deac
MS Business Analytics ’20
BS Sport & Exercise Science ’19

“Coming back for a fifth year was kind of an easy decision, especially going into the business school with the reputation the business school has and the success it’s had in placing students in jobs: that was something that really stuck out to me. Choosing the Business Analytics program in particular, they have a really strong success rate in placing people and jobs, but it also seems to be a pretty emerging skill to have in the job industry going forward.


Program Highlights include:

Real-World ExperienceFocus on experiential learning projects with our corporate partners and in-class use of actual retail data from our unique Center for Analytics Impact corporate partnerships.
Sharpen Your SkillsDifferentiate yourself by building stronger communication, team work and leadership skills, and an understanding of the responsible and ethical use of data for making better decisions.
Innovative CoursesEmphasis on training across the full spectrum of analytics methodologies with strong business knowledge from innovative courses such as Business Metrics and Analytics in the Boardroom.

The Wake Forest School of Business has designed the MSBA program with the input of our corporate partners to meet their industry needs. Their feedback is clear — we need performance-ready analysts who demonstrate business knowledge and exceptional communication skills.

Graduates of the Wake Forest MSBA program will be equipped with marketable skills valued by top employers:

  • Ability to identify and define business problems that can be resolved through the use of data and analytics
  • Knowledge to determine the proper analytical methodology to address current business challenges
  • Expertise to properly conduct valuable analyses with a thorough understanding of the methodology and assumptions
  • Confidence and ability to effectively communicate the results of those analyses to all stakeholders


All undergraduate majors are accepted, but demonstrated successful completion of coursework in calculus and statistics is required.


Lizzie Grubman Lizzie Grubman — Double Deac
MS Business Analytics ’20
BS Mathematical Economics ’19

“It’s only 10 months, you’ve already been here four years: it’s going to be a very easy transition and it’s not like it’s putting your life on hold for like two or three more years. It’s a very quick process, but you also gain so many valuable skills within these 10 months that will lead you to get a better job.”


STEM/OPT Certified

The Wake Forest MSBA program is STEM and OPT certified, providing enhanced employment opportunities for international students. The STEM and OPT certifications can allow students to work for three years in the U.S. while working with companies to obtain a work visa. Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a period during which undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 Visa status who have completed or have been pursuing their degrees for more than nine months are permitted to work for one year in the U.S. on a student visa with the goal of gaining practical training to complement their education. STEM Certification allows a 24-month extension of the post-completion OPT, and is available to graduates of the Wake Forest MSBA program.

International students always have the option to use their training to pursue career opportunities within their home countries, or find U.S. companies seeking to fill positions overseas with MSBA graduates. The Wake Forest Market Readiness & Employment Center is available to all MSBA students to help define career objectives, improve interviewing skills and explore opportunities to launch the career you want.


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