Wake Forest Schools of Business to Collaborate with CFO Alliance on Board Compensation Study

2.15.2012 Article, General, School News

Collaborative Effort to Conduct Mid-Market Executive and Board Compensation Survey Will Foster Confident Decision-Making Among Middle-Market Finance Leaders in 2012

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 15, 2012 – In seeking to provide middle market companies with critical information to benchmark best practices in executive compensation, The CFO Alliance- a peer-to-peer community – will deploy its Mid-Market Executive and Board Compensation Survey (the Survey) to its membership of over 2,800 CFOs and other senior financial leaders around the country at the beginning of next month.

Understanding base pay, short- and long-term incentives, and other executive pay practices allows organizations to align business strategy with reward systems that drive business results. Participants in the Survey will enjoy numerous benefits including ongoing access to executive compensation data and practice information specific to industry, position, location and organization size as well as the ability to compare executive compensation practices to your peers and competitors.

“The opportunities are extensive for those who take part in this survey, which aims to fill a vast information void for middle market finance executives,” says Nick Araco, Jr., CEO and president, The CFO Alliance. “High quality, reliable executive and board compensation data is simply not in abundance for middle market organizations. Furthermore, even if these underserved organizations can find studies on compensation, the underlying data is based on the financial statements (proxies) of publically-traded companies, or published data from large corporations. Few good sources, if any, exist for middle market companies.”

The Survey is an ongoing multi-part study, which is being conducted exclusively among private and public middle market organizations covering approximately 20 “Top Executive” positions. Data will be collected for base salaries, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, perquisites, deferred compensation, pay practices, and board of director compensation. Additionally, the Survey will collect detailed financial management data, CFO attitudes, and position demographics.

It is a collaborative effort between The CFO Alliance, Wake Forest University Schools of Business, Fordham University School of Business, Verisight and McGladrey & Pullen. For more information and to participate in the survey, visit https://thecfoalliance.org/compensation.
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