Wake Forest Schools of Business professor is bringing integrity to the blogosphere

12.15.2009 Faculty News, General, News Release

Dr. Sherry L. Jarrell, who teaches finance and economics at the Wake Forest University Schools of Business, started her blog, www.sherryjarrell.com, in May 2009 as a way to share explanations and observations about important economic, financial, and political current events. She invites questions and encourages comments and discussions on all topics economics and finance.

Jarrell, who holds MBA and Ph.D. degrees in finance and economics, sees this as a perfect opportunity to discuss important issues with integrity and thoughtfulness. "I really enjoy helping others to understand how economics really works, whether it is helping a small firm develop strategies to create value, or explaining how fiscal or monetary policy impacts the U.S. and world economies."

With expertise in valuing enterprises and strategies, Jarrell is an accomplished public speaker and frequent radio and television commentator on issues relating to law, business, economics, and finance. These and other interests are the subject of her blogs.

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