Wake Forest Schools of Business graduates launch new online platform to give students a voice

1.23.2013 Alumni News, Article

New online platform gives college students a voice for change
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The definition of one's typical grumble is to complain or protest about something in a bad-tempered but typically muted way. Campus Grumble, a new online platform that allows college students to vocalize issues or concerns they encounter, is revolutionizing the definition of a "grumble." The platform doesn't foster bad-tempers, calling for users to log in and express themselves maturely, but it is safe to say that the mute button is now off, as was the goal of developer John Kirkpatrick. Taking student concerns and noteworthy opinions to the next level, Campus Grumble bridges the previously existing gap between the well-informed recommendations of the student body and the administrative staff, allowing better-informed decisions to be made to improve conditions for present and future generations of scholars. Leaving the initial beta test mode behind, the official online platform of Campus Grumble rolled out in full force on Jan. 14, 2013.

The site joins peers in collaborating, corresponding and ultimately resolving issues that surround campus life with one "grumble" after another. From simple trials and woes to more complex scenarios that require intervention from the administration, Campus Grumble provides a positive environment for student-driven community discussion. Unlike previous methods used to communicate suggestions or concerns, Kirkpatrick believes that the professional forum style of his website will make these comments more quickly and easily accessed by university leaders.

Why not collect the buzz and make a difference?

What is a typical "grumble"? From a huge bees nest outside of a school building, strategizing ways to clean up campus, or venting over the need for more security at night, Campus Grumble is the starting point in executing improvements on both a small and large scale. Once expressed, a "grumble" can be "mumbled" by others, a way for others to support the "grumble" and reinforce the need for change.

The founders of Campus Grumble understand the power of social media and the ability to transform the concern or idea of one into a resolution for all. The days of taking a survey to institute reform or anonymously posting on a forum only to watch the concern get buried among the rest are growing dated and futile. Students can take pride and confidence in knowing their voice will be heard and lifted up by their fellow classmates on Campus Grumble.

Aside from the individual use of the platform, Campus Grumble offers influential student organizations a group membership, at a per semester fee, to allow for the most productive interaction of students possible on any given campus. Wake Forest University is the first to join the growing number of student associations jumping on board the Campus Grumble bandwagon.

Previous generations of students hid behind the notation of Que Sera Sera…whatever will be will be. With Campus Grumble, this no longer has to be the case.

Meet the minds behind Campus Grumble

Once students themselves, Campus Grumble founders John Kirkpatrick and Ryan Edwards identified a problem and took the unbeaten path of entrepreneurship to pursue what is now Campus Grumble.

John Kirkpatrick is a 2012 Wake Forest University School of Business graduate earned a bachelor's degree in business enterprise management with a focus in marketing, and a minor in entrepreneurship. From selling golf balls on the local golf course at age 11 to the development of three online companies and a corporate banking internship, John has seen his fair share of experience. He was recognized as a McKelvey Foundation Scholar and a NFIB Visa National Young Entrepreneur as a high school senior.

Ryan Edwards graduated from Wake Forest University Schools of Business in May 2012 where he majored in business and enterprise management and concentrated in new business development. His life has been a series of expectations exceeded, status quos challenged, and odds defeated. He has surfed 15-foot hurricane swells and has been held underwater by a rip current for two minutes. Apprenticing under one of the top surfboard shapers in the world, he has shaped and fiber-glassed a block of foam into a surfboard with an accuracy of 1/16th of an inch. He is as precise with revenue projections and market analysis as he is with fiberglass and sandpaper. While still in high school, Ryan invented an organic surfboard wax and founded Booty Wax ®, a surf wax manufacturing and distributing company. Ryan is currently serving as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Campus Grumble Inc. in his second entrepreneurial startup.

Web: http://campusgrumble.com

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