Turning Tassels: WFU School of Business graduates business professionals

5.16.2016 Awards, General, News Release, School News

 Student awards, hooding ceremony and Commencement held May 14-16, 2016

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., MAY 16, 2015 – Wake Forest University School of Business congratulates the 499 master’s and 269 bachelor’s degree recipients recognized during the Wake Forest University Commencement on May 16, 2015.

School of Business master’s degree recipients were also honored at a hooding ceremony Sunday, May 15 in Wait Chapel. Holders of a master’s degree wear a symbolic hood draped around the neck and over the shoulders, displayed down the back with the lining exposed. The hood identifies the level of degree, the field of learning and the awarding institution.

This year’s graduate business students who were invested with the hood include:

  • 150 Master of Arts in Management
  • 152 Master of Science in Accountancy
  • 44 Full-Time MBA
  • 39 Winston-Salem Evening MBA
  • 58 Charlotte Evening MBA
  • 49 Charlotte Saturday MBA

Seven graduates received joint degrees as part of programs offered with other Wake Forest schools: three with the School of Law (JD/MBA), three with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (PhD/MBA), and one with the School of Medicine (MD/MBA).

Hooding keynote speaker Mike Mahoney (MBA ’96), Boston Scientific President and CEO, reminisced about his own hooding ceremony in Wait Chapel 20 years ago this weekend. He said his MBA degree gave him the confidence he needed to extend himself to new opportunities in his career – risks he might not have taken otherwise. He advised the graduates to deliver results beyond expectations, find their passion and the industry they love, and not only pursue, but embrace the tough assignments.

“Bob Dylan once said: ‘If you are not busy being born, you’re busy dying,’” Mahoney said. “Embrace the tough opportunities, but don’t view them as problems. Instead see them as opportunities to stretch yourself. When I interview people, I ask what they’ve done to solve challenging problems. I’m looking for people who embrace change, and are willing to own the situation instead of blaming the circumstance.”

“We know you have worked very hard to become the professional, impactful, honorable, and global leaders you are today. We are so excited for you to go on to make a difference in the world,” said Charles Iacovou, Sisel Distinguished Dean of the School of Business. “We want to stay connected with you. Wake Forest and our School of Business community will always be home to you and you are always welcome here.”

Mike Mahoney Returns to Wake Forest for Hooding Ceremony Keynote from WFU School of Business on Vimeo.

The entire hooding ceremony may be viewed on-demand at http://go.wfu.edu/wfusb2016

Students receiving class Leadership Awards for outstanding scholastic performance and integrity were:  John Paul Burns (Full-time MBA); Bartley Mitchell Hostetler (Winston-Salem Evening MBA); Tara Poole Hostetter (Charlotte Evening MBA); Leigh Thomas Anderson (Charlotte Saturday MBA); Colin Adrian Richardson (Charlotte Saturday MBA); Matthew Griffin Mancuso (MS in Accountancy); and William Cornelius Hawks (MA in Management).

Other honorees included: Joseph Barton Cerniglia, Stephen B. Tips Award for Outstanding Character; Ching-Wen Chia, Luther Award; Charles Anthony Costa Jr., Andrea Mitchell Metzler Award; Kiwook Kwon, Patel Prize in Finance and the Finance Award; Jeremy Adam Lewallen, Entrepreneurship Award; Melissa Kay Berry, Marketing Award; Kevin Shane Batchelor, Operations Management Award; Patrick Thomas Herold McGrath, Business Analytics Award; Patrick Joseph Scherer and Michael Wayne Whitt, Robert N. White Award; Caroline Elizabeth Wayco, Federation of Schools of Accountancy Achievement Award and Outstanding Graduate Award – Tax Consulting; Nicholas Anthony Biumi, Outstanding Graduate Award – Financial Transaction Services; Katherine Gail Stewart, Outstanding Graduate Award – Assurance Services; William Cornelius Hawks, Scarritt Family Pro Humanitate Award; Alexandra Louise Cella, Rachel Ellis Jordan, Mary Katherine Prince, Melanie Katherine Williams and Devin Louise Zimmerman, Action Learning Project Excellence Award; and D’Andre Terrence Sylvester Starnes, Distinguished Community Service Award.

Bachelor of Science degrees were awarded to 269 School of Business students with majors in Accountancy, Business and Enterprise Management, Finance and Mathematical Business during the Wake Forest University Commencement ceremony on May 16. Selected for undergraduate student awards were: Cady Elizabeth Burke, Delmer P. Hylton Accountancy Award; Melanie Marie Cass, the Academic Excellence in Mathematical Business Award; Emily Elizabeth Bandyk, Spirit of Wayne Calloway Award; Anne Marie Troy, Lura Baker Paden Award; Caitlin Ann Messick and Jacob Robert Teitelbaum, Levar Antwain Hairston Courage Award; and Michael Thomas Annunziata, the Academic Excellence in Finance Award.

Eboo Patel, a leading voice for interfaith cooperation and the founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), delivered the Commencement address. Patel, who served on President Barack Obama’s inaugural Faith Council, is the author of “Acts of Faith,” “Sacred Ground,” and the forthcoming “Interfaith Leadership.”

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