Six things to help you in balancing work and life in 2017


An essay by Associate Professor Julie Wayne on work-life balance runs in Fox News. In it she writes:

“Work-life balance: Moms want it. Dads want it. Single employees want it. Younger employees want it. Older employees want it. And research shows that finding balance is important to individual well-being as well as better satisfaction, commitment, and performance in one’s family and one’s job. Despite these positive outcomes, work-life balance often remains an elusive goal. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been thinking about “balance” all wrong.

Balance is generally thought of as a noun, or a state that is achieved and maintained by dividing one’s time equally between work and nonwork. But it’s difficult, if not impossible, to equally divide one’s time across roles, and as soon as you think you have balance, it’s usually gone before you can even enjoy it.”

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