Professor Sherry Jarrell believes you should figure out a need in your community and find a way to fill it

11.4.2009 Article, Faculty News, General

Bouncing Back From Layoffs
A family keeps a dream alive despite bad times.
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Winston-Salem, NC — It's not easy, but the Schipke family is making things work right now. Dad lost his job in June, and Mom's part time nursing job cut back her hours.

The good news is they're joining forces in their dream job – working together at the family store. They opened a consignment shop in 2007, and now it's just about all they have.

"This is basically… the life blood of our future and getting back on track," said Mark Schipke, who runs the store with his wife Pat.

The chance they're taking is one a Wake Forest University business professor recommends. Sherry Jarrell says the key is figuring out a need in your community and finding a way to fill it.

"Ironically enough there's never a better time to take a risk," she said. "Start a new career, regroup, do some introspection, figure out what it is you're good at."

Mark is still looking for another job – he does online searches at the store. But one day the store could be all the Schipkes need.

"That's what we envisioned when we started this," said Pat. "For our family to get enough money to pay for the kids' college… to be together, to work together, to have a family business that's truly the whole family working together."