Professor Sheri Bridges Interviewed on Women’s Radio about Gen Y Gift Giving

2.15.2012 Article, Faculty News, Retail

Gen Y Giving Gifts of Memories
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Dr. Sheri Bridges is Associate Professor of Marketing at Wake Forest University. Faculty director of the university's retail marketing center, her expertise includes branding and consumer behavior. Dr. Bridges received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and her Master’s degree in International Management Studies from University of Texas at Dallas. She has a Ph.D. in Marketing from Stanford University.

In a world where "I want it, I buy it" seems to be the mantra of more than just the rich, buying the ideal gift for any occasion can bring unwanted stress to the generations. But how can you alleviate that stress while giving your family and friends presents they will treasure, all within your budget? Sheri joins Keeping Up with Gen Y to discuss how Gen Y can make memory-based gifts through shared activities and experiences that show family and friends how important they are to them. She also provides tips for older generations on gift ideas that Gen Y will appreciate and value for years to come.