Professor Julie Wayne Recommends “Digital Downtime” During the Holidays

11.30.2011 Article, Faculty News, General

Digital Downtime: How To Disconnect During The Holidays
By Tracey McCain | WFMY News 2
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Greensboro, NC – We are constantly plugged in. Whether it's your smartphone or checking emails using your I-Pad, listening to your I-Pod or watching TV. You name it and we're on it. But do we need digital downtime?

Julie Wayne, an Associate Professor in Wake Forest University's School of Business joined WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain on the Good Morning Show Wednesday about why we need digital downtime, especially over the holidays.

Wayne said you need to pull away from these devices not only for your personal health but for your happiness. Wayne says being disengaged from work after hours makes you a happier employee while on the job.

Wayne says have a conversation with your boss to let them know your boundaries when you're off for the holidays. Tell your employer when you won't be plugged in or checking emails. And conversely when you will check messages.

Also disconnect by setting your out of office message on your email and voicemail to let them know you're not available. Make sure you indicate you have limited access to messages.

And consider temporarily disconnecting email service to your smartphone.