Professor Dan Fogel Discusses Charlotte Energy Cluster on NPR in Charlotte

5.4.2012 Article, Faculty News, General

Charlotte Talks: Energy Clusters
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Energy Clusters

In the wake of deep recession, cities all over America are finding ways to re-establish their identities or to create new ones. Charlotte is on its way to becoming an energy hub but how close are we to getting there and what do we have to do to compete as an ‘energy cluster' in the global marketplace? The term ‘energy cluster’ is one used by two Harvard Professors as part of a study of U.S. competitiveness. They are in Charlotte this week to release a report on Charlotte as an energy cluster and they’ll explain what that means.

Willy Shih – Professor of Management Practice, Harvard University
Bill George – Professor of Management Practice, Harvard University
Dr. Dan Fogel – Professor, School of Business, Wake Forest University