Love the job you’ve got: Andrew Robertson on career success

5.22.2014 Careers, General, Leadership, School News, Video

President and CEO of BBDO Worldwide Andrew Robertson offered graduate students at the School of Business hooding ceremony “top ten” tips for career success. Or did he?

“In the war between strategy and culture, culture eats strategy for breakfast,” Robertson said as his first and most important piece of advice for the graduates. “But don’t try to find a culture that’s perfect for you, find one you can work in. Find that culture and then be successful by swimming in it, not challenging it.”

Robertson also advised the graduates that grit wins, and that learning to love problems will make you a valuable employee. But if there was one piece of advice he would emphasize above all other, it is … well, watch the video:

WFU School of Business Hooding Ceremony Speaker Andrew Robertson from WFU School of Business on Vimeo.