Getting Back To Basic Business Values

4.16.2010 News Release, School News, Science/Technology

Timothy Flynn shares his thoughts at the 23rd Hylton Lecture.

Timothy P. Flynn, the chairman of KPMG International, delivered the 23rd Hylton Lecture at WFU on Thursday April 15.

During the address, titled 'Restoring Trust, Building Confidence, Seizing Opportunities,’ Flynn shared his impressions and thoughts on the global economy, the accounting profession, the importance of a single set of high quality, global accounting standards, opportunities within the profession, and the importance of restoring trust and confidence in the capital markets.

“For long-term, sustainable recovery, I believe it all comes down to one critical thing—getting back to basic business values, and fostering highly ethical business cultures. Ethical cultures have a common framework built on trust, integrity and transparency void of self interest and grounded in the recognition of the responsibility we all have to add to the sustainability of our capital markets and the communities in which we live and work.”

His advice to the students in the audience was simple. “I would encourage you to listen to your professors, learn from each other, develop your own ethical and moral compass—knowing what's right and how you want to make decisions—and develop your own personal brand as you go forward in the workplace.”

“When I look at the profession, the changes happening today, the forces driving societal change and the issues that are facing business…I think the talent and expertise you have coming out of your experience here at Wake Forest puts you in a great spot,” he continued.

“In fact, I believe you will enjoy a tremendous career in a profession I think offers excellent opportunities for everyone.”