Fahad Saleh Co-Hosts New Podcast Series on Blockchain Research

12.21.2023 Article, Faculty News
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Fahad Saleh, Associate Professor and Nunnenkamp-Cinelli Faculty Fellow, has accepted the role of co-host for the new podcast series “Crafting the Crypto Economy.” The podcast is a collaborative initiative between Ava Labs’ Owl Explains and the Crypto and Blockchain Economics Research (CBER) Forum. As a CBER Forum founding committee member and forum organizer, Saleh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podcast, which takes a deep dive into notable research subjects such as lending platform economics, DEX design, and NFTs.

The podcast series features top researchers from leading academic institutions. By highlighting major research efforts, the series aims to unveil useful learning, explain complex topics, and educate a wide range of listeners, from beginners to professionals. Of particular importance is the podcast’s goal to equip lawmakers and regulators with the additional tools and knowledge they need to effectively and sensibly shape workable blockchain policies that maximally benefit all parties.

Additionally, Saleh was featured on an episode of the Blockchain Scholars Podcast where he detailed his findings in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi)/ lending space mean for practitioners. The Blockchain Scholars Podcast provides valuable insight into academic research in the fields of blockchain crypto and digital assets for practitioners seeking in-depth knowledge.