Donovan Campbell sets the bar high for incoming graduate business students

8.24.2009 General, News Release, School News

Wake Forest University Schools of Business Dean Steve Reinemund talks a lot about setting the moral compass for tomorrow’s leaders. That is exactly what Donovan Campbell, former Marine and author of Joker One, spoke about during orientation for Wake Forest’s graduate business students.

Campbell, who served in Iraq before and after attending Harvard Business School, introduced himself as a compassionate leader by immediately explaining the reason behind his shaved head. One of his team members had recently been diagnosed with cancer and lost his hair due to chemotherapy, so Campbell and the rest of his leadership team all shaved their heads to support their friend. This is a good example of Campbell being a “servant leader” and placing cause first, team second, and self third.

To watch to Donovan Campbell’s presentation in its entirety, click here.