CMC Director Nicole Hall: Employers are Increasing their On-Campus Recruiting

6.12.2012 Article, Careers, Faculty News

More Good News On The MBA Job Market
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There’s still more good news on the MBA jobs front. A new survey of business schools by the MBA Career Services Council released on June 7 shows that the recovery in the job market has spread well beyond the top-ranked schools.

The survey findings show that 51% of responding B-schools report an increase in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs, while 69% of respondents report an increase in full-time job postings. Only 11% of schools reported a decline in on-campus recruiting activity.

Schools ranked outside the top 20 showed the biggest increases, suggesting that the economic recovery in MBA jobs, which started two years ago, has now spread up and down the business school landscape.

Some 73% of schools ranked between 51st and 100 reported improvement, while 43% of top 20 schools reported an uptick.

The council said that increases in recruiting activity are occurring across most sectors, with consulting and technology showing the largest increase. Financial services and government showed the largest decrease in full-time recruiting.

A third of the schools reported increases of between 1% and 10%, while one in four schools said on-campus opportunities were flat. About 9% of the responding business schools said job opportunities on-campus were up 20% or more.

The same trend favoring schools lower in the rankings held true for job postings as well, according to the survey. An overwhelming 93% of schools that are ranked between 51st and 100 reported increases in full-time positions postings, compared to 64% of the reporting top 20 business schools (see table below).

“Companies have continued to expand their on campus presence and recruiting activities over the last few years following the recession,” said Nicole Hall, president of the council and director of the career management center at Wake Forest’s School of Business, in a statement. “The survey results confirm that schools have retained that growth, while many have seen continued growth in 2012.”

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