Christina Elson: Examining the need for regulatory reform

5.21.2021 Article, Capitalism, Center for the Study of Capitalism , Faculty News, School News

Originally posted on This is Capitalism | By Christina Elson, Executive Director, Center for the Study of Capitalism

How can America’s leaders, both private and public, spur entrepreneurial problem-solving and unleash job-creating innovation?

It’s a core question that animates our work at the Wake Forest University Center for the Study of Capitalism (CSC). It’s also the central theme of a new documentary produced by filmmaker Patrick Reasonover, a CSC outreach affiliate.

The provocative film is called They Say It Can’t Be Done. Released in late March 2021, it has already stirred much interest and debate. Its thesis is that first, certain U.S. regulatory regimens – especially in agriculture and food science, healthcare and biomedicine, and environmental protection and sustainability – are obsolete and undercut innovation. These systems were built for a world dominated by traditional industry verticals. Many regulators do not understand how the convergence of technologies such as AI and synthetic biology is blurring the boundaries of industry.

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