Charlotte area working professionals earn Wake Forest MBA degrees


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Forty-two Charlotte-area working professionals marked the completion of a two-year weekend MBA program at Wake Forest University School of Business during a ceremony at Bank of America Auditorium on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

“While many working professionals spend the weekends at leisure, these graduates chose a rigorous academic program while balancing the demands of careers and families.,” said Tom Smith, executive director, Charlotte MBA programs. “Having seen their dedication to professional growth, I feel confident they will make a positive impact on the business world and community with their talents and skills.”

Justin Plante received the Student Leadership Award. Academic Distinction Awards were conferred upon Brook Birdsong, Alex Carpenter, Zac Snyder, Nina Sun and Prem Yerraballi.

Graduates include: Brook Birdsong, Alexandria Carpenter, Anyel Colebrook, Thomas Connors, Kristin Cosby, Adam Cummings, Edward D’Onofrio, Sarah Drew, Melissa Duncan, Jillian Durancik, Tatiana Elkina, Megan Figueroa, Stefan Friend, Christopher Galloway, Christopher Graper, Katherine Hussman, Max Hutchinson II, Teresa Jacob, Jennifer Kern, Zain Khan, Kenichiro Maeda, Leslie Marinov, Angela Martin, Zaneta Mowatt, Andrew Myers, Geoffrey Nau, Greg Pelletier, Jacob Pelucio, Juontonio Pinckney, Justin Plante, Eulonda Rushing, Gustavo Santa Ana, Jeffrey Schluter, Abhijit Sirvel, Justin Snyder, Michael Solan, Jeressa Sullivan, Scott Summey, Ying Sun, Alixandria Tucci, Gayathri Vijayagopalan, and Premananda Yerraballi.

The Charlotte Saturday Class of 2017 honored Mark Johnson, visiting associate professor, with the Outstanding Educator Award.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Wake Forest’s MBA program for working professionals #19 in the nation and #1 in North Carolina. Working professionals have the option of taking evening classes in Winston-Salem or classes in the evenings or Saturdays at the Wake Forest University Charlotte Center.

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