Business World: Richard Eiseman in Sydney

12.6.2016 Article, Business & Enterprise Management, Business World, General, Global, School News

By Jamie Lichtenstein, Communications Intern

 For junior Business and Enterprise Management (BEM) major Richard Eiseman, studying abroad made the most sense if he chose a country where English is the primary language.

 “I wanted to better integrate myself into the local culture and experience the most authentic abroad semester possible.”

 But he didn’t choose Canada or England. Instead, he flew 9,548 miles to Sydney, Australia to the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

 “I wanted to see how a university education varies depending on the country, and live for an extended period in another country,” Eiseman explained. He got what he was looking for Down Under. “The main difference is that at UNSW, classes are split into lecture and tutorials that meet separately instead of one hybrid class.” Otherwise, he noted, the schooling seems surprisingly similar and the business education he has received at Wake Forest has enabled him to make an easy transition into his studies in Australia.

Eiseman credits his time in Australia with giving him a new, global outlook on the business world. And he credits Wake Forest for preparing him for this experience, especially when it comes to work-life balance. “This skill is more important than ever when you’re abroad and you live a 15-minute walk from the beach,” he said.