Business World: Madison Hoff in London

10.5.2016 Accounting, Article, Business World, General, Global, School News, Undergraduate Business

By Jamie Lichtenstein, Communications Intern

For junior accounting major Madison Hoff, international financial reporting standards (IFRS) have become something more than a theory in a textbook or the subject of a lecture at the Wake Forest University School of Business this semester. That’s because she is taking business courses in London during the fall semester. Not only that, she is networking on a global scale.

“One of my professors at Syracuse University London is a part-time professor who primarily works on mergers at Ernst & Young,” Hoff said. “When he explained some of the aspects of his work, I felt prepared by my business courses and professors to follow not just the technical aspects but understand the nuances. It’s interesting to see how mergers work from outside the United States.”

She’s not alone.

“More than half our students study abroad during their time at Wake Forest,” said Lynn Zimmerman, associate director of undergraduate student integrative services. “We ensure they stay on track with their major and other requirements through coordinating study abroad panels so they can learn what to expect from our staff and other students who have enjoyed these programs.”

Hoff says the School not only prepared her business knowledge but helped her find a study abroad program that worked with her major. “The study abroad office and the School made sure that if I wanted to study abroad, I would be able to. This is how we’re encouraged to have a global mindset – understanding that the business world is more than just your city or your country, and how different countries and regions impact our society.”

The lessons Hoff says she is learning in London help make her a well-rounded student, ready to take her place in the workforce when she graduates in 2018. She will bring her experiences back to the classroom in the spring.

“There are so many opportunities to meet professionals from various firms, attend conferences and develop our understanding of the business world,” Hoff said. “The School does an exceptional job making sure people like me get involved and educated in the business world. Wake Forest has given me the skills, and I am definitely putting them to use.”

Photo provided by Madison Hoff. Left to right: Wake Forest students Sangnyaa Chandra (’18), Jamie Lichtenstein (’18), and Madison Hoff (’18) in front of the London Eye.