Business Enterprise Management Student Afton Vechery (’11) Profiled in Skirt! Magazine

5.2.2011 Alumni News, Article, General

Afton Vechery – Business Traveler

Reposted from Skirt! Magazine

After completing research in Africa during her sophomore year, Afton, a senior business major and neuroscience minor at Wake Forest University, felt that the university needed to do a better job educating students on global issues. So she traveled to Lebanon, a city that the New York Times refers to as either “the party capital of the world or a place unfit for any American tourist,” to research business functionality. “My overall experience in Lebanon was fantastic,” she says. “It was fascinating to learn about the political history of the country, and how the economy was recovering from the civil war.” Afton left Lebanon just days before their government collapsed. “Upon first hearing the news my mind turned to crisis,” she says. “But I’ve had the opportunity to witness many aspects of Lebanese life, and I truly believe that the majority of Lebanese want peace above all.” It’s her hope that they can reach an agreement without violence.