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By Stephanie Skordas, Sr. Associate Director, Communications

“We are here to celebrate the contributions that five of our very best colleagues have made over their tenure at Wake Forest,” said Charles Iacovou, dean of the School of Business at a reception on May 8, 2018. “We recognize them for great teaching, great research and great service. They not only changed our School, but they changed our School into a community.” Iacovou spoke in front of an audience of faculty, staff, current students, and more than 60 alumni who came to offer their best wishes.

The five retirees honored have a collective service of 140 years to the School of Business. Along the way, they have served as directors of our degree programs, area chairs for faculty members, held honorary titles, and won awards for teaching and service. Here are some highlights of their impressive service, with memories provided by their students.

Ram Baliga
Professor Ram Baliga joined Wake Forest University in 1989. During his time at Wake Forest, he held visiting professorships in Germany, India, and France. He has a long list of journal publications and served as a faculty advisor for student competitions. Among the long list of his awards is the Kienzle Teaching Award, which he received four times between 2000 and 2014. This award is determined by alumni who remember him and the impact he had on them. “One of the most brilliant strategy professor,” one of his students commented. “He has been a great coach and a wonderful friend throughout the years after graduation. I have called on Ram for help on complex business issues, and he has always made time for me and given me the most valuable counsel. We will always stay friends.”

Lee Knight
Professor of Accountancy Lee Knight arrived at the School in 2000. She served as director of the accountancy program from 2002-07, held several honorary titles, and received the graduate teaching award during her time at Wake Forest. She contributed many journal articles, some with her husband Ray Knight. At one point in her career, she was named one of the most prolific authors of accounting literature. “During one of the darkest times in both my personal and professional careers, you were a light,” one of her students wrote. “It is because of professors like you that I did not give up. I hope that while these moments were not my proudest, I’ve made up for them in my continued pursuit of purpose and have made you proud! Thank you again for being a shining light!”

Dale Martin
The Delmer P. Hylton Professor of Accountancy, Martin came to Wake Forest in 1982. He served as director of the accountancy program three times for a total of 14 years. Among the awards he received were the Horace Kelly Alumni Teaching Award in 2004 and 2015, and the Price Waterhouse Professor of Teaching Excellence in 1991, 1995-98. One of his students said, “Dr. Martin clearly represented the road less traveled by. He was one of two choices for Intermediate Accounting in my first semester of junior year. Rumor had it that he was difficult but would prepare one well for accounting. On neither account did the rumor do justice to reality. He challenged us with incredibly difficult assignments and exams such that the CPA exam was just another test. He was the driving force behind Wake Forest distinguishing itself nationally each year on the CPA exam. Thank you, Dr. Martin, for being an outstanding professor to me and thousands of other students.”

Bruce Resnick
Joining Wake Forest in 1995, Joseph P. Bryan, Jr. Professor of Banking & Finance Bruce Resnick shared his expertise as a visiting professor in Australia and Finland. Like his colleagues, he published many journal articles, and also served as an area chair and a member of the faculty senate. “I am so sad to hear that he is retiring. Bruce is one of my favorite professors in Finance. I loved his teaching style and learned a lot from his classes,” one of his students wrote. “Congratulations on your retirement and for leaving a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. You are the epitome of what it means to be a scholar and a gentleman! Thank you for all that you’ve done for Wake and I wish you all the best in your new life in Florida. Enjoy the sun, surf and sand! We will miss you!” said another one of his students.

Brooke Saladin
Beginning his Wake Forest career in 1983, Associate Professor of Management Brooke Saladin served as director of the evening MBA and full-time MBA programs during his tenure. He taught internationally in Japan, Helsinki, Oxford, Moscow, Estonia, and Latvia, was honored for his service and leadership by several organizations, and is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam. A prolific author, Resnick was also the AACSB accreditation doc for the School of Business. “Best wishes and congratulations on your retirement, Professor Saladin! Your BEM 241 class was one of my favorite classes at Wake. From the moment we walked in, your positive attitude was infectious, and the entire class was immediately engaged,” one of his students wrote. “Six years later, I still vividly remember our amazing experience in the classroom and use the practical knowledge and soft skills you taught us daily! Enjoy your retirement!”


In the photo above, Dale Martin, Bruce Resnick, Brooke Saladin, and Ram Baliga stand left to right with their cake. Not pictured, Professor Lee Knight, who was unable to attend the reception. See more photos in our Flickr Photo Gallery:
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