International Leaders Program

The Wake Forest International Leaders Program (ILP)* is a two year sequential Masters of Science in Accountancy and Masters of Science in Business Analytics degree experience offering a unique combination of general business knowledge and cutting-edge analytics that sets students apart in the marketplace.  The MSBA curriculum builds upon the analytics core that students will take in the MSA year, expanding deeper into analytics topics relevant for careers outside of accounting.

During the fall and spring semesters, student teams work with our corporate partners to solve a significant managerial challenge. These opportunities bring classroom learnings into working on a relevant project with real world business consequences.

ILP students graduate from the MSA & MSBA with a strong business foundation, ready to utilize their analytical skills in the workplace, and skillfully engage with leaders and peers in major corporations and industry.

Due to the sequential nature of the ILP program, students will only be able to select the two-semester option during their MSA year. This allows students to complete the MSA degree before the MSBA program July start date. ILP students will work with MRE staff during their MSBA year to secure post-graduate employment.


MS in Accountancy – MSA (Class of 2025)

  • Learn core accounting knowledge
  • Become CPA eligible
  • Comprehensive career coaching and support via our Market Readiness and Employment (MRE) team

MS in Business Analytics – MSBA (Class of 2026)

  • Develop cutting edge, core analytics skillsets
  • Learn how to influence corporate decision-making with data
  • Work with real-world, retail data from our Retail Learning Labs

STEM Certified – OPT Extension Eligible

  • Both the MSA program and the MSBA program are STEM certified and OPT extension eligible
  • Opportunity of up to 36 months of U.S. work eligibility
  • Requires successful completion of either STEM-certified degree (MSA or MSBA) for 36-month OPT eligibility in the USA


Scott Shafer - Associate Dean for the Masters in Business Analytics ProgramScott Shafer
Associate Dean for the Master of Science in Business Analytics Program

“The Wake Forest MSBA program has strong connections to the marketplace, where opportunities in the field of business analytics have surged. We offer both on-campus and online programs to students interested in developing the necessary technical skills and business acumen for driving analytics into action and making a significant impact. Through experiential learning opportunities, we provide students with the hands-on experience they need to excel in this field.”

To learn more or to start your application, please contact:

John White Executive Director, Enrollment Management RecruitingJohn White
Executive Director, Enrollment Management Recruiting
336.655.7058 (Mobile)
WhatsApp: Johnwhitenc or 1-336-655-7058